Steven Bishop’s ALS Reversal 17th Year

Steven Bishop was only 35 years old when he was diagnosed with ALS in February 2001. Steven is now into his 17th year living with, not dying from, ALS.

At the time of his diagnosis, Steven was happily living with his wife Jennifer and their almost three-year-old son. They had their whole lives ahead of them. Like anyone given an ALS diagnosis, the couple was devastated and Jennifer insisted on getting a second opinion. A few weeks later, a second neurologist at a different hospital confirmed the diagnosis.

One of the first things Steven and Jennifer did was try to find other ALS families. Through their local MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) they were able to find other families and start a support group, as well as get valuable information about ALS, what to expect, and how to get equipment. At least they did not feel totally alone.

Steven’s job was extremely stressful so he made the decision to go on disability soon after
 his diagnosis at the recommendation of his doctors. He knew that stress was a contributing factor to disease. They also decided to move into a smaller house on one level, both for wheelchair accessibility and to keep expenses down.

From the beginning, Steven took anti-oxidants C, E, and CoQ10 on the advice of his neurologist. He and his wife already ate a healthy diet and did their best to avoid junk food, and artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners in their home anyway, so they had a head start on a healthy diet.

As many people do after receiving an ALS diagnosis, Steven went into a depression. Jennifer felt all the burden on her, with a three year old and the additional physical and economic responsibilities. She told her husband that they “needed him” to be an active part of their lives.

Fortunately Steven was able to pull out of his depression and decided whether he had 18 months left or 5 years, he was going to live the very best life he could. He wanted his son to remember a father who was positive and happy, not one who was grumpy and complaining. He made up his mind to be a good role model. He and Jennifer decided to focus on the quality of life each day, since they did not know how many days they had left together as a family.

The other thing the couple decided was that they were going to “give back” to the ALS community. If there was no hope for ALS now, at least they could work so there would be hope for others with ALS in the future. They volunteered to help with fundraising for the MDA in their local area. This had an added bonus: focusing on others took their minds off their own problems.

One evening they were asked to attend an MDA fundraising “lock-up” where volunteers were “jailed” at a local restaurant until they raised a certain amount of money. Steven and Jennifer went around the room telling the volunteers how the MDA had helped them. It happened that the local television station was at the fundraiser that night and interviewed the couple. This eventually led them, months later, to be invited to the annual national Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon in Atlanta, where they told their story on national television. Jerry Lewis was so impressed he asked them for their phone number.

To their surprise, Jerry Lewis phoned them soon after, and then every week for the next year for a mental pep-talk. Jerry explained to them that in his 40 years with the MDA that he observed that the people who had the most positive attitudes had far better outcomes with their disease. These phone calls were invaluable. Both Steven and Jennifer made it a point to be more positive during the week so they would be able report back to Jerry.

It is impossible to prove, but both Steven and Jennifer feel that focusing on others, maintaining a positive mental attitude, and deciding to make the very best of whatever time Steven had left, slowed his disease progression along with other therapies they tried.

In addition to taking anti-oxidants, Steven experimented with various therapies that might help slow his ALS symptoms, including chriropractic, massage and “dry needling”. Even if it was only relief of muscle cramping and twitching, he felt some benefit from these.

Since his progress was so slow, they thought Steven might be misdiagnosed, but a third and then eventually a fourth neurologist confirmed his ALS diagnosis.

Despite all of the positive mental attitude, the anti-oxidants and other therapies, Steven continued to decline physically. He could stand and walk for only short periods and needed a wheelchair for anything requiring long periods of walking or standing, like the zoo, museum, park and his son’s field days. He could no longer do stairs, and he was tired much of the time. He continued to exercise as much as he was physically able to.

Still, Steven and Jennifer kept their eyes open for things that might help and in 2009, through a friend, they found a nutritional supplement that is a Nrf2 activator. They did not think it would necessarily reverse ALS, but they did think that it might help Steven stay healthier overall by allowing the body to heal itself. The science was strong and Steven decided to take the new supplement instead of the C, E, and CoQ10 he had been taking. Jennifer also started on the supplement and felt health benefits soon after. Steven did not notice any improvement intially but continued to take it because he knew the science and was convinced it would help him stay healthier.

In 2010, over a year after he started taking the Nrf2 activator, Steven had a good day, when he felt a little less tired, and felt a little stronger. Then, a few weeks later he had another good day. Soon he was having several good days in a row. Several months later his doctor commented that he might be getting stronger in some areas, and even stated “I believe you will be around to see your son get married and have kids.” To Steven and Jennifer, this seemed like a miracle! It was a memorable day.

Over the next months and years, Steven slowly regained strength. Eventually he no longer needed his wheelchairs nor his walker. They called the ALS Association to give back the equipment. Steven remembers the freedom he felt the day the ALS Association picked up the electric wheelchair that had been donated to them so someone else could use it.

Today, in 2017, sixteen years after diagnsosis, Steven still has ALS. He still deals with fine motor skill issues, he gets fatigued if he does too much. He can do some yard work but if he overdoes it he pays for it the next day. Steven still cannot return to work because anything stressful causes his symptoms to worsen. He still uses a bi-pap for ALS-induced sleep apnea and baclofen for muscle tension when needed. Steven and Jennifer are grateful for Steven’s dramatic recovery. He can do stairs again, and drive again and continues to slowly improve physically.

Steven and Jennifer still give their time to others diagnosed with ALS. They also share the Nrf2-activating supplement, because they feel it was part of the reason Steven has been able to successfully reverse ALS.

To find out more about Steven in his own words, visit


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  1. Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with ALS. The doctor gave me zero hope, but asked me to take Riluzole twice a day with almost a shrug since she had nothing else to try. I asked her about natural supplements or stem cell, but she didn’t even bother to reply. My friend Alma gave me your information and is sending me your supplement which I’m excited to start taking! Did you even take Riluzole? I thank you for your inspiration!!
    God bless you! Carol

  2. Steven I’m so glad you are getting results …I am so thankful I came across this product and it was with a family member talking about it .

    I’m on the way to helping people feel better .I’m still totally amazed at how this can help so many people with various health issue and to my surprise even horses dogs and cats have good responses with vitality and pain .

    Keep on helping our fellow man …May you manifest all good into your life and others . Love peace and happiness to you .
    Kerry Lockwood
    Australia .

    • The protocol to reverse Parkinson’s is very similar to that of reversing ALS, so read the information on HealingALS. There are also several books on Amazon about reversing Parkinson’s. Here is one: Fighting PAarkingson’s and Winning by Howard Shifke.

  3. there are so many nrf2 activator in the market, may i know what brand steven is using? i posted on his blog but there is no reply from him.

    i really need to try it hoping that something will happen like what steven, i know we have diff body but im hoping for the best.

    pls pls pls.

    • I have emailed you Stephen Bishop’s contact information. We do not make any recommendations. Instead we suggest you do your own research and get the advice of a holistic medical professional. We can tell you that the vast majority of the ALS reversals used primariy holistic medicine, mental and physical, not prescription medication to reverse their ALS. To get started click the “How do I heal ALS” green button at right on That will take you to the “Where Do I Start” document which includes a lot of steps including links on how to choose a holistic medical professional and much more. Good for you for taking the first steps to reverse ALS. Steve.

      • Hi there, I too have written to Steven (about the particular nrf2 activator he used) on his wordpress website that is listed at the end of this article, but haven’t received a reply. I’m thinking it may not be active anymore? Would you kindly forward my info to him or provide me with an email address for him? Thank you!

  4. Hello. I just wanted to mention despite two emails I have not been able to receive a response from Steven through his website. If you are in contact with him please let him know how much his input is appreciated. Thanks for sharing his story.

  5. Interested in what other things you did? You mentioned in a previous reply that you took other steps, curious as to what they were.

  6. Hello,
    I am happy that the progression of this condition is and has reversed for you. I am happy for 2 reasons.
    1. I don’t want to see anyone suffer in those ways.
    2. My dad has been diagnosed with als. He is 70 and in otherwise great health. He has also been looking for ways to slow, stop or reverse the progression. I keep looking for people that show results. Right now he is in the beginning stages…. kind of. His hands have lost muscle so his fine motor skills with his hands are not all there. He loses strength while walking so he starts to bend forward a little. He uses a walker with wheels to lean on when he is going to be doing a lot of walking.
    Is there a list of which of these products he should take. I went to the website link but wasn’t sure if he needs them all or just certain ones. If someone can help me with this info I would be extremely grateful.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Damon, please remember that everyone is different and therefore each person’s supplement needs will vary. Often a holistic medical professional and your own research can help you tweak your particular needs. Most people start with basics on their own.

      There is a basic list of supplements in the April 2016 blog, provided by Kim & Kay Cherry. Their website is:

      The supplments that Steven Sherry used (Nov 2016 and Nov 2017 blog) are listed at the bottom of the November 2016 blog:

      As far as the exact supplements that Steven Bishop used, please contact him directly through his contact form at

  7. Hello, my father was just diagnosed today and we are looking for something that can help us slow this down as much as possible. Would it be possible to get the exact brand name you were using Steven?? Thank you so much ?

    • Garrek, you many contact Stephen Bishop directly via the contact form on their webpage at Please also see the supplement list on the April 2016 blog as well as Steven Sherry’s list in the November 2016 blog. It is key that your father take responsibility for his own health, do the research, see holisitc professionals where appropriate, and make his own decisions. The April 2016 blog will asssist here as well. You can absolutely assist him, but the more responsibility he takes for his own healing the better. Please also see the other links below our the home page of including Kim & Kay Cherry’s website, Hope this helps.

  8. Hi Steve, you truely are an inspiration. My 61 year old husband has been given an opinion that he may have MND. ( first signs of right arm feeling weaker was in 2016) His EMG (which was done 6 weeks ago showed muscle damage and he has weakness in the right hand and has lost muscle between the index finger and thumb on the same hand. He is now experiencing fasiculations and back and hip pain. He will be getting a second opinion this Friday by australia’s leading neurologist/head researcher Professor Dominic Rowe in MND/ALS. my question to you is are you only takinig protandim as i have my husband on SOD, probiotics, Magnesium, oxygenics,acetyl-L=Carnitine. He is off processed foods, no sugar and eating healthy. He was exercising but felt that he was getting more muscle twitches after it, so decided to stop. Not sure if that was the right thing to do.if i order the protandim should he go off all other supplements and just take protandim? Are we able to contact you at all? I would love my husband to speak to you.

  9. I would like to purchase this but do not know how to do it. I went to your wife’s website. I am in canada. please provide me info to purchase this and ship to canada.

    Thanks Kelly Morris
    416 737 5550 and

  10. I would really like to talk to Steven. My son in law aged 32 yrs has just been diagnosed with Motor Nuerone Disease. He has a wife and an eighteen month old daughter and we are all devastated. It would appear that this energizer has helped immensely. Please get in touch. Thanking you in anticipation.

  11. Your story has captivated me. My husband has not yet been diagnosesd with ALS but has lower Motor neuron difficiancy. He is currently being treated with IVIG for Multifocal Motor Neuron Disease ( although this is purely a proccess of elimination diagnosis.) There doesn’s seem to be any other stories of ALS reversals due to the Protandim NrF2 activator, or do you have other studies that you can refer to me? I am so happy for you and your family to be enjoying this reversal of this awfull disease. We are praying that my husband never receives this diagnosis, but I am sure you know how hard it is on the emotions to have to live with this fear. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  12. Gwendolyn,

    First, let me say how sorry I am to hear of your ALS diagnosis! Thank you for your kind words. I hope you’re progression is slow and remains so!

    I take the original Nrf2 Activator, Protandim and get it directly from the company as I don’t trust all the stuff on the internet. It has the studies behind it on to prove it’s efficacy. There are a lot of posers out there jumping on the Nrf2 bandwagon so I’m glad you asked! My wife became a distributor since it changed things for us so dramatically and the product drop ships directly from the company. Give me a call as I would like to discuss where you’re at with all this. My wife’s site is Don’t buy it retail as the monthly subscription is a 20% discount with no obligation. There are some other things that I believe are important to consider and would love to discuss them with you. Give me a call…

    All the best,


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