Stephen Sherry ALS Survivor since 1999

Stephen was only 42 years old when he was diagnosed with ALS. This was 1999. He went to the top neurologist in Houston at the time, who confirmed he had ALS. Like many diagnosed with ALS Stephen had been under a lot of stress in the years leading up to his diagnosis—a divorce, a move, a stressful job, a job change.

Fortunately, Stephen was brought up in a household where natural remedies were used over medications whenever possible. His mother was always using herbs, vitamins, and foods to heal. So he asked his neurologist if there wasn’t something he could recommend to him. His neurologist said there had been some research that high doses of anti-oxidants might slow ALS progression and suggested vitamin C.

After the initial shock and tears that inevitably follow an ALS diagnosis, Stephen, his sister and his then-girlfriend-now-wife began searching the internet for anything that might help nerves, muscles, and brain function, since the motor neurons are in the brain. As they researched, Stephen started adding other anti-oxidants and other vitamins including magnesium, omega-3’s, melatonin and more. He would add and subtract vitamins depending on how he felt and as he researched more.

Stephen also changed his diet. He no longer ate processed food. He read labels. He looked for foods that would build up his body. He read about detoxification, then ate foods and took herbs that would help cleanse his body of toxins.

Stephen was prescribed the standard ALS medication at the time called Rilutek, also known as Riluzole, but decided not to take it. He read about the side effects on his liver, which he knew was key to detoxifying the body. He also saw others at the ALS clinic he attended taking it and did not like the effect it was having on them. They seemed to be very tired and have brain fog. He felt he was doing way better with the diet, vitamin and detoxification regimen he was on. It also made more sense to him.

Stephen kept working both because he enjoyed his new job and it took away the financial pressures of not working. His bosses were very flexible and he was able to sit for long periods at work. There were days where he was just too tired and they worked with him at these times. When he got home from work there were more articles to read and research, and of course, eat a clean diet and take his supplements.

Stephen also knew the importance of mental attitude in any disease and did his best to stay positive. He also used meditation to calm his mind and to visualize his body healing. With practice, he was eventually able to get to “quiet his mind” in just a few seconds. He found that doing this throughout the day helped him be calm and centered and in “healing” mode most of the time. 

Stephen’s sister kept sending him links about the dangers of amalgam dental fillings. All amalgam fillings are 50 percent mercury, one of the most dangerous neurotoxins on the planet! At first he did not believe these filling he had since he was a child could possibly be affecting his health, but the more he read, the more he realized that he would have to get them removed if he wanted to get better. He had so many fillings, in the end he decided it would be less expensive, and less risky to his health to have them removed and to get dentures, so that is what he decided to do. Within months of doing this in 2006, Stephen’s ALS symptoms began to reverse.

Today, 17 years after diagnosis, Stephen is doing well. He is able to walk, drive, do carpentry, work in the garden and play guitar. He enjoys time with his wife, family and friends. He is not cured. If he eats at a restaurant where there are additives in the food, he gets muscle cramping and fasciculations for a day or two. If he backs off too much on his vitamin regimen his ALS symptoms worsen and he simply increases his supplements.

Update: Please see the newly released video of Stephen on our November 2017 blog:

Update 2: People have asked us for Steven’s supplement list. We have posted it below. As far as exact dosages, since every individual is so different you need to experiment and find which dosages work for you specifically. Some things based on their research, these PALS knew they were helping even if they didn’t feel anything. Steven Shackel said he often gave things 4 to 6 months before deciding whether or not they were helping him. Here is the list that Steven Sherry gave us. Dosage for you in particular will depend on your specific body’s needs and your specific symptoms. Hope this helps.

Supplement I use regularly:
Fish Oil
Coconut Oil
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E
CBD Cannabis Oil

Supplement I use sporadically:
Chromium Picolinate
Bee Pollen
Phosphatidyl Serine
Sovereign Silver
Magnesium Oil
Iron Supplement
Black Seed

Possibly positive. I now use these sporadically or I would use them again if I think it might fit:
Beta Carotene
Pycnogenol (Grape Seed/Pine Bark Extract)
Valarian Root
Kava Kava
Blue Lotus
Gingko Biloba
Parasite Cleanse
ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid)
Catsclaw Extract

Possibly positive, I would use them again when I think it might fit:
Olive Leaf
Grape Seed Extract
Grapefruit Seed
Beet Extract
Hawthorne Berry
Acetyl L Carnitine
Stem-Kine (may boost stem cell production)
Branched Chain Amino Acids

I tried these but they had no effect so I discontinued them:
Oregano Oil
Powdered Energy Drinks (I used several types over the years)
White Thyme Oil

Negative side effects. I would not use these again:
St. John’s Wort


42 thoughts on “Stephen Sherry ALS Survivor since 1999

  1. Mr. Sherry’s story is so inspirational. I would love to know more about how he programs his mind/what he does to keep a positive mental attitude. Is there a way to contact him? Many thanks for giving us all hope.

  2. I would like to reach out to Stephen to find out more as I am having symptoms of ALS,. Can you send me his contact info? Thanks and God bless! Dan

  3. Hi I’ve been living with mnd for 7-8 years I’m interested in the supplements(the day to day stuff) and the diet Stephen follows. Iam having my amalgam fillings removed in the very near future would it be possible to have Stephens email address please

  4. Coconut oil recommendations on how it should be consumed? Recommended dose? Not sure where to start out on this! My brother has ALS, he was diagnosed mid of last year, and he is doing rather well on Mr. Sherry’s regimen!

  5. Hello! I have been diagnosed with ALS in November 2018. I feel like Stephen has it figured out. I need some hope and I would love to have his contact information as well, please. Thank you very much.

  6. What an encouraging story. God Bless Stephen. I would like to contact him regarding my early diagnosis as I Iive in Texas and would like to know what holistic doctor he uses. Is it possible to get an email contact for him? Thank you so much!!!!

  7. Hello, I am posting here because I think I posted in the wrong place. I am early ALS and was hoping to get in touch with Stephen Sherry about his supplements and his progress. He is a wonderful inspiration! May I contact him please?

  8. Hello there

    I am trying to help a man who was just diagnose with ALS recently. He will be taking these supplements but we are especial;y curious about the dosage of Vitamin D3 thatis recommended . Thank you.

    • We do not make any recommendations as to dosages since we are not medical professionals. Holistic medical professionals seem to vary in their recommendations, some say 2000mg per day, others say as much as 5000mg per day. It also depends on how much sunlight your friend is getting on his skin daily and whether or not your friend has been tested for and shown vitamin D deficiency. We cannot recommend highly enough visiting a naturopath or functional MD to get your friend on a healing path. In the meantime the “Where Do I Start” document under “How do I Heal ALS” button is a good place to start.

  9. Good afternoon,
    I may have left my reply in the wrong area so I will re post if that is okay.
    I was diagnosed with ALS by Dr Appel in Houston in January of this year 2019. I am extremely motivated by your video and am in need of the hope that you seem to have. If you are willing to contact me please, I would like to get some particulars on your regimen and learn more about your positive “Self Talk” as I am a believer in the power of the Positive Mental Attitude!
    Thank you for everything!

  10. I’ve just been diagnosed with als and looked at Stephens inspirational videos

    Would like to know his current advise and the do’s and donot’s

    May I have his contact details please

  11. Mr. Sherry I am very interested in your all natural healing process and supplements you take. I was diagnosed with ALS October 9, 2018. I need some hope man. Would you be willing to share your meditation mantra with me to help me try to find the words to heal my body? I have your list of supplements you take regularly and sporadically but would it to be too much trouble for you to explain those for me like… “ I take X when I feel…” Like you I refuse to believe I have this disease. My fasciculations grow more intense sometimes by the day I think. I have been prescribed the rizolou but I have never taken one as in my mind it will not help and will kill me faster. I plan on walking and talking like you for the next 20 years. You are my hero and my inspiration. I watch your video every day and it brings me peace. I hope to hear from you man. God bless you. Dave, Iowa.

    • I too am a recent recently diagnosed with ALS by Dr Appel in Houston. I would very much like to communicate with Stephen on his regimen and his positive “self talk”. I am an advocate of positive mental attitude but I am struggling with this one.
      Thank you so much,
      Patrick Beech

  12. My dad was diagnosed with ALS in October 2018. He is having difficulty walking some and has faciculations but otherwise is not affected too badly yet. He is currently at the Houston ALS clinic that Mr Sherry mentions. He has also started using the Deanna Protocol. I was wondering if we might be able to get Mr Sherry’s email to contact him. My dad is wanting to ask him if he has used this protocol and how it compares to what Mr Sherry is using. We would also like to know his current status and if he is maintaining his health.

  13. I am suffering with PRIMARY LATERAL SELORISIS
    ..It’s progressing very slowly.Up to now doing my all daily routine activities.
    Medicine and supplements taking all and most herbal since 2 years.

  14. Mr Sherry please contact Marilyn Sabec
    I Have information on L serine
    I have MND (Diagnosed 2 years ago with 6 months life span)
    I follow a clean diet , supplements and meditation.
    L serine has stopped the emotional feelings and I now feel strength of mind.
    I can tell you about L serine and how much I now take when you contact me.
    I was blown away when I saw your utube. I’m a very positive person and I feel I am following in your footsteps.
    Regards Marilyn

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  16. A good place to start immediately is April’s ALS Blog–“Where do I start?” A good holistic professional is also extremely helpful. Start with the basics.

    There is also much more information on the free Membership website to support PALS and their families–it is in Beta so please be patient as we fix bugs and add more info. We will be starting live Webinars for members early in 2017 presented by PALS who have healed as well as medical professionals and there will be live Q&A on those.

  17. Mr Sherry, you are a beacon of hope. Thank you for sharing your hopeful miraculous story. Is there a site that lists the supplements you currently are taking? I was diagnosed in June 2016 and see Dr Bedlack at Duke. But I also see a homeopath and just started on the supplements, meditating and practicing positive self talk. Am hopeful that doing these things has actually worked for someone. Sending you many blessings. Roz Skidmore

    • My name is Dr. Jesse Zedd. My wife passed away about 2 years ago from ALS. We currently have a high end motorized wheel chair that she used. We would like to donate it to someone who may or will want to use it. It does need a new battery. I will be moving by August 25. I need to know as soon as possible if someone who wants or needs one. PLEASE CALL ME AT 757-897-5810.
      Best Regatds

  18. My husband was diagnosed with ALS beginning of this year. The last few months he feels more progression. I would love to contact Stephen or find out more of the supplements & qty he took. This article was very helpful & hopefull.

    It’s been frustrating & disappointing being in the health care field – how helpless we feel.

    • A good place to start immediately is April’s ALS Blog–“Where do I start?” A good holistic professional is also extremely helpful. Start with the basics.

      There is also much more information on the free Membership website to support PALS and their families–it is in Beta so please be patient as we fix bugs and add more info. We will be starting live Webinars for members early in 2017 presented by PALS who have healed as well as medical professionals and there will be live Q&A on those.

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