Many PALS and CALS are lost and or overwhelmed as to which products might be helpful. The purpose of this page is: 1) for PALS and CALS to share with other members of the Healing ALS Community which products they find helpful and 2) on SOME products below if you click the link we get a small commission to help offset our expenses in running If you have a product that you as a PALS or CALS have found helpful and would like to share it with other ALS families, please contact us and we will add it.

Many in our community have found the following products helpful.

Hi Tech Air Solutions — Sale Extended Model 101 Cleans 1,000-1,500 square feet (14″ x 15″ x 7″) $1995. We get no commission on this. So far it is the best one we have found.

Website to Order: Choose “Heather Plude” from the drop down list.                                                 The Coupon Code is “HealingALS”

Questions: Contact


The 2019 Healing ALS Conference Recordings are packed with ideas and information from PALS and medical professionals on protocols that have been successful for ALS. Hear from 9 different ALS reversals.

There are 24 hours of education you will want to hear more than once. Audio MP3, transcripts and presentation slides are included. Click for information:


Did you miss the Leap Presentation by Deb Wotherspoon? Click “Sunday Recordings”

For 10% ALS discount on LEAP:

Go to Use Coupon Code: healingals


H.E.A.L. is available online for shipping to US and Canada. Raw, organic, meal replacement in a powder. Great tasting for those who can drink and easily mixable for feeding tubes.

For 10% ALS discount on HEAL, Go to Use Coupon Code: HEALINGALS


Natural Action Dramatically Enhanced  Structured Water. Our devices are designed to emulate Nature through motion and materials. Use the coupon codes for a discount.

Purchase under $1,500 – Coupon Code HealingALS
Purchase over $1,500 – Coupon Code HealingALS
ALS-SALE is for the current sale which is 20% off a stainless shower unit.

For more information go to 


Far Infared Sauna including Red Light Therapy and Gem Therapy.






This is the coupon code for PH Prescription Company with Leo Szymbroski



Mikacare Enema Colon Cleansing Bag Kit. Clear Non-Toxic Silicone 2 Quart – Home Colonic Kit – Enema Coffee Kit.