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The products below are products that we ourselves use and that have been helpful to PALS. 

In some cases receive a small percentage of the cost of the products. These funds go to create content and videos for this website, for maintenance and for Zoom and aWeber monthly subscription fees.

These are the products Heather used in her home after $40K in Mold Rehab wasn’t successful.

Hi Tech Air Solutions — Sale Extended Model 101 Cleans 1,000-1,500 square feet (14″ x 15″ x 7″) $1995 SALE: $1795.50

10% off through April 8th. Sale ends at midnight Central Time. Coupon Code SPRING22

Website to Order: Choose “Heather Plude” from the drop down list

Questions: Contact



Leap use code healingals for 10% discount on LEAPXX.COM .




HEAL use code HEALINGALS for 10% discount.




Far Infared Sauna including Red Light Therapy and Gem Therapy.

Affordable Personal Sauna