Leap Mission Group


What is the Leap-Mission Group and why join?

  • Freely communicate with other PALS on nutrients, gut function, protocols, antivirals, antimicrobials, what is working for other PALS.
  • Do not need to purchase Leap to join.
  • Get an Invite to regular Wednesday Zoom meetings to share info.
  • Invited to join the Telegram group to share info with other PALS.
  • Since everyone signs a Panda Doc for confidentiality, it assures that people will not share your private info or what is discussed outside this group and you agree not to share with others.
  • Why does it cost $13 for a lifetime membership? Because it makes the confidentiality agreement legally binding. Consider it a buyer’s club. When you join you get a discount on Leap from 15%-30% discount, more than the maximum 10% discount offered at leapxx.com.
  • Do I need to join to purchase Leap? You can purchase Leap without a membership. Go to leapxx.com and use code ”healingals” for 10% discount.

To join Leap-Mission:

*******This is a separate group from HealingALS.org*******

  • Step 1: Email martin@leap-mission.com with one or two legal name(s) and email(s). You can register one or two people on the same membership.
  • Step 2: Look for Panda Doc in your email(s) within 24 hours.
  • Step 3: Sign Panda Doc when it arrives in your email. Please do not delay in signing or you will have to restart the process.
  • Step 4: Pay $13 for an individual or two people. BOTH people need to sign the Panda doc. ONE person needs to pay the $13. Please do not delay in paying or your Panda doc(s) may be lost and you will have to restart the process.

What are the Wednesday Leap-Mission calls?

  • Peer support, some PALS Support, Q&A on any ALS related topic, special topics related to ALS.
  • This is up to YOU. This group is sharing details and answering questions about the various pieces of the protocol.
  • YOU research, YOU come and ask questions to get more info. Then research some more and YOU decide.
  • Download Telegram on your cell phone and, if you like, your computer. You need to have Telegram so you can get Zoom meeting invitations.
  • Contact Martin@Leap-mission.com martin@Leap-mission.com.
  • You will be sent a confidentiality agreement and asked to pay $13 (see above).


22 thoughts on “Leap Mission Group

  1. I’ve tried to join this group for a year now. Finally got an email months ago and told them to add me and my wife. Went silent again and never received another email with directions. It’s almost impossible to join this group:(

  2. am very interested in purchasing OSR Sunday meeting just said must join Leap Mission Group to do so. Is there any further info you can provide for me please? I have been watching Sunday webcams for a very long time, plus Lisa and Kay on Mondays, but have not done any bootcamps. My son does test for mercury but his doctors have not done anything about it and I feel that OSR could be helpful for him.

    • Hi Linda,

      To join the Leap Mission group you need to click the link from the home page on the healingals.com website. You will see the instructions there. You need to follow those and then email Tabyta. Let me know if you have any issues.

      Thanks you
      Glenn – Healing ALS Team

  3. I want to join the Leap group. I’ve done all the basics boot camps and watch every Sunday sessions. I’m in Canada what time is it on eastern time frame

  4. I have been searching the HealingALS site for a copy of Sergio’s full protocol, but it doesn’t seem to be online. Do you have a copy of this you could share with me? My husband and PALS, Michael Giles, and I are following along with the weekly Wednesday sessions. Thank you!

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