Lazarus Ember’s ALS Reversal Protocol

We are honored to have Lazarus Ember speak at two of our Healing ALS Sunday Community Meetings: Part 1 Healing the MInd on April 25, 2021. Part 2 Healing the Body on May 2, 2021. If you missed these presentations please see Sunday Recordings button on the home page (you need to be a member, membership is free).

How did Lazarus Tony Ember go from an ALSFRS score of 27 in January 2020 to an ALSFRS score of 45 in April 2021?

Here is a link to the pdf version of Lazarus’ full protocol, mind and body, for your reference, that he graciously prepared and is sharing to assist other PALS in their healing journeys. We suggest you download it and refer to it often. There is much wisdom here.

20 thoughts on “Lazarus Ember’s ALS Reversal Protocol

  1. welcome
    My husband got sick in 2018, and now he’s on a respirator, a feeding tube, he can’t move, just his heartbeat and the looks of his eyes. Can I find a system that restores even a little bit of its health?

    • Hi Hashemyih,

      There are many things to try and see what works and resonates with you husband. I suggest you go to and click the green “Where do I start” button and do as much on there as you can. Also watch the 4 basic boot camps that are in the Sunday recordings section. There is a lot of useful information in there to help start a healing journey. Also come to to the live Sunday zoom meetings if you can.

      Thank you
      Glenn – Healing ALS Team

  2. Good morning, I enjoyed sundays meeting very much and thank you. I missed the Monday meeting and would like to know if their is a recording of this.
    Monday June 7th meeting.

  3. Hello I’m David Dunleavie I was diagnosed September 2020. With pseudo bulbar variant. I live alone and usea electric wheelchair I’m in bath England uk. Am I able to benefit fro this group or is it best for America ? Thankyou

    • Hello David,

      This group is all about empowering people with ALS to heal themselves. We have many people from all over the world who are members. I encourage you to browse the site and make that decision. I sent you a welcome email directly to you email address. Hopefully it will help make it easier for you.

      Glenn – ALS Warrior

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