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If you have not already, please click the green Start Here Button and read the “Where Do I Start” document above before joining these groups.


Scroll down for information about how to join the Healing ALS WhatsApp Groups.


To join HealingALS on Facebook – please see Healing ALS WhatsApp rules below. Rules are the same except Boot Camp is not required to join the Healing ALS Facebook group.



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HealingALS WhatsApp groups:

  • Healing ALS WhatsApp group: Share ALS healing ideas and experiences for those who have already done the basics.
  • Bulbar WhatsApp group: For those with Bulbar ALS to share.
  • CALS WhatsApp group: For CALS to share plus weekly zoom.


To keep conversations at a higher level, we ask that each person applying to join the Healing ALS WhatsApp group watch all four boot camps – See Sunday Recordings.

Once you have watched all four boot camp Recordings, here is how to join:

  1. Download WhatsApp on to your phone.
  2. Agree to the following rules.
    1. The posts are not medical advice, and I will see a licensed medical professional for medical advice.
    2. We are all there to support each other, stay positive and share. Avoid criticism.
    3. This group is to share protocols you or others have found that help ALS symptoms. Please keep occasional special event posts or pics to a minimum. 
  3. Email pinakinfightsmnd@gmail.com the following information
    1. Put in the body of the email that you have watched all 4 Basic Boot Camps and that you have downloaded WhatsApp onto your phone
    2. Your Full Name
    3. Your City, State/Province and Country
    4. Your Cell phone number – Required please put in message body
    5. International: Country code 

8 thoughts on “Healing ALS Groups

  1. i am an older person and do not have a phone that downloads apps. does this mean i can not join? if so, is there another way to be able to get the information that would be so very valuable to me?

    • Hi Linda,

      I just replied to you previous comment asking about how to Join the Leap Mission group. In order to be in the group you have to have the Telegram app. I believe you can get on your computer. Just Google Telegram

      Thank you
      Glenn – Healing ALS Team

    • Hi Winetta,

      To join the WhatsApp group you need to first need watch all 4 basic boot camp videos. You will find those in the Sunday Recordings tab when logged into the healingals.com website. After you watch them you can request to join via the home page.

      Thank you
      Glenn – Healing ALS Team

    • Hello,

      To join the WhatsApp group you MUST watch all four bootcamp videos which are found under the Sunday recordings. Once you have completed that go back to the home page and click on the link for instructions on how to join.

      Thank you
      Glenn – Healing ALS Team

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