Healed/Healing PALS

1. Rev Dr Evy McDonald, MSN, MDiv, DMin, diagnosed 1980. At only 29, in a busy career in hospital administration, Evy was diagnosed with ALS and given one year to live. Within a matter of months she was in a wheelchair unable to move, and was planning music for her funeral. Through a combination of deep introspection, increased self-awareness, and serious emotional changes she slowly began to heal. She and her neurologist later presented together at medical conferences. Today Rev. Evy is a Methodist minister.

2. Nelda Buss, diagnosed 1983 at age 43. Nelda’s ALS progression was very fast. She was in a wheelchair unable to move within a year. She used a pencil in her mouth to type on the typewriter, one letter at a time. After trying a number of alternative therapies unsuccessfully, she read an article about a skilled energy healer in New York. Her husband and son drove her 7 hours each way for treatments. She slowly improved over 18 months. Now in her 70’s Nelda cooks, gardens, chops wood and enjoys her grandchildren.

3. Zhiyuan Wang, MD, diagnosed 1983 in his 20’s. He tried many treatments including Chinese medicine and Quigong but slowly got worse. He moved to the U.S. for better treatment with no success. In February 1998 doctors said he did not have much time to live and Dr. Wang decided to begin daily practice of Falun Gong, a mind-body cultivation technique. In the following months, the ALS progression slowed, then stopped and finally his health returned. He is now in his 60’s, healthy and working full time.

4. Cathy Jordan, diagnosed 1985 at age 36. Her ALS symptoms were worsening. A recreational marijuana smoker, she tried a different cannabis strain and her walking significantly improved. Since then she has used cannabis regularly in various forms as a therapy for ALS. Over 30 years later, she is still married and has raised her children. Although still in a wheelchair, she breathes without aid, eats on her own, can transfer and fights for legalization of marijuana. In short Cathy lives a full productive life despite ALS.

5. Joyce Brown, PhD, ND. diagnosed 1988 at age 54. She was having trouble swallowing, frequently choked, could barely speak, and her walking was deteriorating daily. Her neurologist gave her 6 months to live. She found a Chinese medical doctor, a very skilled homeopath. To heal, Joyce used prayer, homeopathy, sleep-teaching with positive affirmations, and dietary changes. After her healing she went on to earn her PhD and become qualified as a naturopathic physician and has written a book. Joyce is now in her 80’s.

don6. Donald Jaeger, diagnosed 1992 in his late 50s. Shortly after diagnosis a friend took him to a healing service with Rev. Canon Glennon. He had always prayed, but at the service he could feel Christ’s healing presence, and thanked God as if his healing had already happened. After this Don attended healing services every week at his local church, and prayed regularly with a healing minister. In time his ALS symptoms were gone. Today Don is in his 80’s and volunteers as a lay healing minister.

7. Eric Edney, diagnosed 1993. Eric was 59 years old when his ALS symptoms started. He wrote a landmark book called Eric is Winning outlining what he did to heal. Eric attributed his success to a variety of detoxification methods, clean organic nutrition and supplements, amalgam filling removal and PMA, positive mental attitude. Eric did considerable research on holistic treatments and supplements, which he shares in his book and website. Eric passed away in 2015 at age 85 from complications from a stroke and heart attack. 

8. Steven Shackel, diagnosed 1994. After he was diagnosed at age 42, Steve took a scientific approach to his disease. He figured out early on that lots of water, antioxidants and a low glycemic index diet were key to minimize nerve damage and that good liver function was essential for detoxification. He was in contact with ALS scientists and researchers around the world and was the first person we know of to create an ALS website specifically to share and communicate ALS info. He has helped thousands of PALS. He is now in his 60’s.

9. Dr. Craig Oster, PhD, diagnosed 1994. Despite an ALS diagnosis at 30, Craig finished his PhD in Psychology in 1996 and worked as a psychotherapist until shortly before entering hospice in late 2008. Dr. Craig used an intensive holistic approach to be discharged from hospice in June 2009. In 2012 he co-founded The Healers Campaign, which promotes ALS scientific research within a holistic framework. Now in his 50’s, Craig uses food, supplements, detoxification, exercise and mental-emotional-spiritual work to stay healthy.

10. Derek Swinnard, diagnosed 1997. Derek was having some health challenges before he was diagnosed at age 45 with ALS so went to a naturopath who did testing and helped him change his diet, detoxify and take supplements. So when his ALS diagnosis came, Derek already had a good start. Derek volunteers for ALS Canada, coaches basketball, plays golf and helps others with ALS locally. Derek continues to use diet, supplementation, homeopathy, exercise and spiritual work to maintain his health. Derek is now in his 60’s.

11. Stephen Sherry, diagnosed 1999, age 47. After the initial shock, with the help of family members, he began to research ways to heal. He continued working as a fine carpenter with restrictions since he enjoyed his job and felt less financial stress. Even with supplements, dietary changes, detoxification and meditation, his symptoms continued to worsen. Then slowly, over time, his walking, swallowing, and fasciculations improved. Now in his 60’s, Stephen functions well as long as he sticks to his regimen.

12. Steven Bishop, diagnosed 2001, age 35. At the advice of his neurologist he began anti-oxidants. He decided to have a positive mental attitude, be an active parent and help others with the time he had left. Along with prayer, he feels this was a big reason for his slow progression. He also tried several holistic therapies and ate a healthy diet. Still his ALS symptoms worsened and he needed a wheelchair part-time. In 2009 he tried a new Nrf2 activating supplement, with few results for a year, then in time regained strength, donated his wheelchairs back and is driving again. Today he still has ALS with reduced symptoms.

13. Rev. Dr. Charles Goodman, MDiv, DMin, diagnosed 2001. Charles was a 21 year old college senior when he was given an ALS diagnosis and 2 years to live. He decided to give whatever time he had left to God’s service, finished college and attended seminary. Someone had to take notes for him because he could no longer write. With a healthy dose of prayer and faith, slowly his symptoms began to improve. Today, over 15 years later, he is a pastor for a large congregation, travels and shares his faith and his story.

14. Dawn McCrea, diagnosed 2002. Dawn was 39 and working as a CPA in public accounting when she was diagnosed and continued to work. Now in her 50’s Dawn has been researching, learning and experimenting with a variety of alternative treatments for over fifteen years. When she left her job in 2010 she was determined to find a way to stop and reverse the progression of her disease and has succeeded using energy healing, mental and emotional work, physical therapy and different nutritional supplements.

15. Ben Johnson, MD, NMD, DO, diagnosed 2003. A physician at a busy cancer clinic, Dr. Johnson began experiencing muscle fasciculation and fatigue. At age 54, he was diagnosed with ALS. He then attended a seminar by Dr. Alex Loyd, who taught emotional healing as a way to heal physically. Dr. Johnson attributes his healing to serious use of this technique, called the Healing Codes. Today, Dr. Johnson continues treat cancer holistically, promotes wellness and is the author of several books on health. He is now in his 60’s.

16. Carol Jensen, diagnosed 2005. As an engineer, Carol took a very analytical approach to her disease. She had been diagnosed a year earlier with chronic fatigue so had a head start on holistic treatments and already had her amalgam fillings removed. She read the book Eric is Winning immediately after being told it was most likely ALS and to come back when she got worse. Instead Carol decided to follow Eric’s protocol, research and use holistic treatments. She has been successful and is now in her 60’s.

17. Deanna Tedone-Gage, diagnosed 2007. At 30 years old Deanna was married and ready to start a family when ALS entered her life. Fortunately her father, Vincent Tedone, MD, an orthopedic surgeon, was on her team. His scientific and medical background enabled him to dig deep into what happens in the body with ALS and how to strengthen and heal the neurons that are affected. He developed the Deanna Protocol and continues his ALS research. Deanna actively participates in her healing while helping others with ALS.

18. Cathy Cummins, DC, diagnosed PLS 2005, ALS 2008. As a professor of chiropractic Cathy used many holistic and some traditional approaches to ALS, worked with a skilled naturopath and continually tweaked her regimen. Still Cathy’s symptoms worsened. Her employer installed a voice amplifier in her classroom so she could teach part-time and she got around campus in her electric wheelchair. Her partner cut up her food and helped her with her respirator at night. Finally her symptoms reversed. Today Cathy continues to improve.

19. Butch Machlan, diagnosed 2008. Butch was diagnosed with familial ALS, 2 years after symptoms started. Butch’s mother died after an 8 year battle with ALS, 4 years after her diagnosis so Butch was very familiar with the disease. His ALS first progressed at almost the same rate as his mother’s. Then he added daily 9 tablespoons of coconut oil and a special type of magnesium chloride to his diet. Butch’s symptoms improved significantly and in the ensuing years. He maintained his improvement until he experienced several years of extreme stress and passed away in 2017.

20. Kim Cherry, diagnosed 2011. Kim was diagnosed with the bulbar form of ALS and was given one year to live. His symptoms progressed quickly. Soon he was having difficulty breathing, swallowing and even walking short distances. With the help of several holistic medical practitioners and his wife Kay’s research he has been able to reverse most of his symptoms using diet, herbs, supplements and oxygen therapies including direct IV ozone, which he feels has made the most difference. Kim is playing golf again. He is now 69.

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