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ALS, Candida, Mold & Mycotoxins

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March 2022 Healing ALS Survey

Healing ALS Advanced Boot Camp


We will be having another Advanced Boot Camp in Spring 2023

Link to Advanced Boot Camp Week 1 and Application below. 

Sessions Below:

  • Advanced Boot Camp Dates Wednesdays 2 Choices:

      Choice 1: 10AM PT, 1PM ET, 7PM Europe, 10:30PM India 

      Choice 2: 5PM PT, 8PM ET, 11AM Sydney AUS, 5:30AM India

  •   – Program your Mind for Healing*
      –  Detox Heavy Metals
      – Heal the Liver
     – Heal the Gut
  •  – Create a Healing Program

If you missed Week 1, watch the Recording below BEFORE you complete your Application. Here is Advanced Boot Camp Week 1 Recording:



Here is the link to the Advanced Boot Camp Application: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sLARPwXezlBv6wgNKUnxy_FX5qgPL8NP/edit

Homework for Week 1 – Items 1-3 are Required for next time. Application Due Nov 23. You will be sent Week 2 Heavy Metal Detox Presentation recording upon receipt of your completed application. Wed Nov 24 will be Q&A on the Heavy Metal Detox Presentation. Please bring your questions. Links to Homework Videos (times are longer than it says on the slide:

Link to Tumor Video (10 minutes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Esd103QWzkE

Link to Dispenza Video (17 min): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7KQsS2kLM4

Resources below Homework Slide:











FREE 2019 Conference Recording Replay Weekend

How to Access the FREE Replay Weekend of the 2019 Conference Recordings Friday April 29, 2022 through Sunday May 1, 2022  is *******AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. *******

  • This is a wonderful opportunity for you, your family members and your doctors to see people who have reversed ALS share their own story and learn from the medical professionals who helped them. Register below for FREE access!
  • Please note you can have transcripts, slides, mp3’s and PERMANENT access at a special price of $97 that expires –see below for details! Your purchase enables us to give free content every Sunday, programs throughout the week, our website and much more.
  • Enjoy your recordings, share this link with friends, family your neurologist, your support team and your medical professionals!
  • Other ALS families will want this link too! Please give the link on email, FB, Twitter and more.

The 2019 Healing ALS Conference itself was magical. Of the almost 300 who attended were 
100 PALS, including 10 who reversed ALS. PALS, families, medical professionals and others in the ALS community were there to support and learn from each other. It took six months of very hard work both by us and by those on our volunteer committee and it was worth every second. PALS and family members left the conference saying their lives had been changed. Medical professionals left with a new perspective on what is possible. We have spoken to PALS since the conference who have stabilized or started to reverse their ALS symptoms. This is exciting!


Carmen’s video testimony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3-NTdY5QJw

Tish & Scott on why you should watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN8pnTNIzEw

If you choose to own the conference recordings:


1. If this is the FIRST day you are registering for FREE (including previous free weekends), click below.
2.  If you have logged in before during this or another free replay weekend:
  1. Click premium.healingadvocates.org and you will be prompted to login with your previous login and password.
  2. If you forget your password click lost password.
  3. Email healingals@gmail.com for help.
If you have trouble accessing the recordings or purchasing please send an email to healingals@gmail.com.
Please note. If you have purchased previously or attended the conference in person, YOU ALREADY HAVE FULL ACCESS including transcripts and MP3s included in your conference registration. If you have forgotten your password, click lost password.

Volunteer Information

Betsy Thomason, Respiratory Therapist, BODS Breathing method

Respiratory Therapist/Breathing Trainer Betsy Thomason is
documenting how PALS benefit from learning the
BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs).
Betsy continues to offer pro bono BODs telephone coaching
to folks with ALS and their caregivers. If you are interested,
please listen to the March 14, 2021 recording of Betsy’s
Healing ALS talk at healingals.com and/or peruse the website
www.outbreathinstitute.com . Then call / email Betsy at 551-
265-7561 / bzthomason@gmail.com to learn more.

The BreatheOutDynamic system basics are explained in
Chapter 3 of Just Breathe Out, as well as in a 10-minute You
Tube video located at www.outbreathinstitute.com.
Practice is required and this is where Betsy’s coaching is

Contact Betsy for a free e-book. Just Breathe Out is also available in paper and
iTunes/Audible formats, as well as in braille and audio at the National Library Service at
the Library of Congress—for US citizens who cannot utilize a regular book. Ask you
local librarian for help with initial NLS access.

Healing ALS Groups

If you have not already, please click the green Start Here Button and read the “Where Do I Start” document above before joining these groups.


Scroll down for information about how to join the Healing ALS WhatsApp Groups.


To join HealingALS on Facebook – please see Healing ALS WhatsApp rules below. Rules are the same except Boot Camp is not required to join the Healing ALS Facebook group.



Subscribe our YouTube channel :


HealingALS WhatsApp groups:

  • Healing ALS WhatsApp group: Share ALS healing ideas and experiences for those who have already done the basics.
  • Bulbar WhatsApp group: For those with Bulbar ALS to share.
  • CALS WhatsApp group: For CALS to share plus weekly zoom.


To keep conversations at a higher level, we ask that each person applying to join the Healing ALS WhatsApp group watch all four boot camps – See Sunday Recordings.

Once you have watched all four boot camp Recordings, here is how to join:

  1. Download WhatsApp on to your phone.
  2. Agree to the following rules.
    1. The posts are not medical advice, and I will see a licensed medical professional for medical advice.
    2. We are all there to support each other, stay positive and share. Avoid criticism.
    3. This group is to share protocols you or others have found that help ALS symptoms. Please keep occasional special event posts or pics to a minimum. 
  3. Email pinakinfightsmnd@gmail.com the following information
    1. Put in the body of the email that you have watched all 4 Basic Boot Camps and that you have downloaded WhatsApp onto your phone
    2. Your Full Name
    3. Your City, State/Province and Country
    4. Your Cell phone number – Required please put in message body
    5. International: Country code 

Leap Mission Group


What is the Leap-Mission Group and why join?

  • Freely communicate with other PALS on nutrients, gut function, protocols, antivirals, antimicrobials, what is working for other PALS.
  • Do not need to purchase Leap to join.
  • Get an Invite to regular Wednesday Zoom meetings to share info.
  • Invited to join the Telegram group to share info with other PALS.
  • Since everyone signs a Panda Doc for confidentiality, it assures that people will not share your private info or what is discussed outside this group and you agree not to share with others.
  • Why does it cost $13 for a lifetime membership? Because it makes the confidentiality agreement legally binding. Consider it a buyer’s club. When you join you get a discount on Leap from 15%-30% discount, more than the maximum 10% discount offered at leapxx.com.
  • Do I need to join to purchase Leap? You can purchase Leap without a membership. Go to leapxx.com and use code ”healingals” for 10% discount.

To join Leap-Mission:

*******This is a separate group from HealingALS.org*******

  • Step 1: Email martin@leap-mission.com with one or two legal name(s) and email(s). You can register one or two people on the same membership.
  • Step 2: Look for Panda Doc in your email(s) within 24 hours.
  • Step 3: Sign Panda Doc when it arrives in your email. Please do not delay in signing or you will have to restart the process.
  • Step 4: Pay $13 for an individual or two people. BOTH people need to sign the Panda doc. ONE person needs to pay the $13. Please do not delay in paying or your Panda doc(s) may be lost and you will have to restart the process.

What are the Wednesday Leap-Mission calls?

  • Peer support, some PALS Support, Q&A on any ALS related topic, special topics related to ALS.
  • This is up to YOU. This group is sharing details and answering questions about the various pieces of the protocol.
  • YOU research, YOU come and ask questions to get more info. Then research some more and YOU decide.
  • Download Telegram on your cell phone and, if you like, your computer. You need to have Telegram so you can get Zoom meeting invitations.
  • Contact Martin@Leap-mission.com martin@Leap-mission.com.
  • You will be sent a confidentiality agreement and asked to pay $13 (see above).