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How to Access the FREE Replay Weekend of the 2019 Conference Recordings Friday April 29, 2022 through Sunday May 1, 2022  is *******AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. *******

  • This is a wonderful opportunity for you, your family members and your doctors to see people who have reversed ALS share their own story and learn from the medical professionals who helped them. Register below for FREE access!
  • Please note you can have transcripts, slides, mp3’s and PERMANENT access at a special price of $97 that expires –see below for details! Your purchase enables us to give free content every Sunday, programs throughout the week, our website and much more.
  • Enjoy your recordings, share this link with friends, family your neurologist, your support team and your medical professionals!
  • Other ALS families will want this link too! Please give the link on email, FB, Twitter and more.

The 2019 Healing ALS Conference itself was magical. Of the almost 300 who attended were 
100 PALS, including 10 who reversed ALS. PALS, families, medical professionals and others in the ALS community were there to support and learn from each other. It took six months of very hard work both by us and by those on our volunteer committee and it was worth every second. PALS and family members left the conference saying their lives had been changed. Medical professionals left with a new perspective on what is possible. We have spoken to PALS since the conference who have stabilized or started to reverse their ALS symptoms. This is exciting!


Carmen’s video testimony:

Tish & Scott on why you should watch:

If you choose to own the conference recordings:


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