Why Emotional Healing Helps Reverse ALS

Emotional Healing is key to Physical Healing (Updated Sept 2018)

There are so many things to do on a physical level to reverse ALS and any chronic disease–nutritious mostly grain-free diet, healthy fats, supplements, detoxification, and more.

Yet most people do not realize that emotional healing and postive mental attitude are just as important to healing ALS and other diseases as anything we can do physically.

Those who Reversed ALS Healed Emotionally

Before you read this blog, make sure you have read the blog immediately below, telling
about Evy McDonald’s ALS reversal, because it brings home just how important emotional health is. One of the major factors Evy attributed to her healing was forgiveness, giving and receiving love freely and keeping positive thoughts. Every time she thought a negative or
angry thought, her body felt worse, and when she thought positve thoughts, her body felt better. So why continue any negative thoughts? Since her body felt better with positive thoughts, why not think positively 99% of the time?

Steven Sherry (diagnosed ALS 1999) said meditation, and thinking positively most of the time, were extremely important factors in his ALS reversal. He lived in a state of gratitude no matter what, focusing on what he could do, not what he could no longer do, as he continued to research solutions to his ALS, to improve his symtpoms.

Dawn McCrea (diagnosed ALS 2002, http://energyhealingstrategies.com) said releasing and healing negative emotions were essential before she was able to turn her ALS symptoms around.

Steven Bishop (diagnosed 2001, https://healingals.com/2017/07/) said had it not been for a positive mental attitude, positive affirmations, a state of gratitude and giving to others, he would not have reversed ALS and he would not still be here today.

Steven Shackel (diagnosed ALS 1994, http://shackel.org) said mental healing was key to reversing his ALS, along with all of the physical things he did.

Donald Jaeger (diagnosed ALS 1992) and Wendy Moore (diagnosed ALS 2003) attribute their healing to the power of prayer and knowing God had the power to heal them.

Eric Edney (diagnosed with ALS in 1993, died in 2015 at age 85,
http://EricIsWinning.com) said of his 3 pillars of Nutrition, Detoxification, and Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) were key to reversing so many of his ALS symptoms.

Virtually every one of the over 20 people we interviewed who have reversed ALS permanently say that mental healing was as crucial to healing, probably more important than anything they did physically.

How to Emotionally Heal and Stay Positive

It is very easy to say “Be positive”, “Live in an attitude of gratitude”, “Focus on what you can do, not what you cannot do”, “Give to others so you are not focusing on yourself all the time”. It is much harder to do these things. Here are some things that those who have reversed ALS have found helpful:

Meditation. Scientific studies have shown that those who meditate, no matter what the
health challenge, have better outcomes. Start with just sitting still, eyes closed, without moving, 15 minutes per day, while clearing your mind of its constant chatter. By quieting the mind and body, you will often get insights you would not otherwise get. You may be inspired to look at a certain website, search a topic, speak to someone, or get an idea about something that might help you heal.

Positive Affirmations with Emotion. Steven Bishop originally used the affirmation “I am healing” throughout the day. Then he changed it to “I am healed”, on the premise that all of us are perfect, as we are, no matter what our physical condition. Joyce Brown listened to recorded positive affirmations both day and night to help her reverse her ALS. Remember positive affirmatins need positive emotions attached to them to be effective, so be emotional what you say your affirmations!

Forgive: No matter who you are angry with, including yourself and God, forgiveness is the
key to emotional health. It wasn’t until Evy McDonald forgave everyone in her life that her ALS symptoms began to turn around. Every negative emotion you carry with you is detrimental to your health and interferes with your healing. So why hold on to negative thoughts?

Have an attitude of gratitude: Every time you have a negative thought, think of something you are grateful for. It completely changes your mental outlook and your can feel your body relaxing and being happy. Remember, if your body is in a state of relaxation versus stress, the cells take in nutrients better and detoxify better. There is an immediate positive effect on your physical well-being.

Keep a positive mental attitude (PMA) 99% of the time: Understand that every second that you think a negative thought, your body is no longer in a healing state. Remember that PMA is a choice. Eric Edney said that he and his wife Glenna had a rule: that they couldn’t both be down at the same time. So if one of them was having a bad day, the other had to be positive. It is this type of thing that makes us realize that our attitude is a choice. So why wouldn’t you want your body in a state of healing 99% of the time? Why would you spend any time in negative thoughts, knowing it is halting and probably worsening your healing? “Stuffing” your emotions is not the answer, “releasing” them is.

Visualization. Todd (diagnosed ALS 1988 at age 16) upon recommendation of his psychologist, used visualization. The psychologist had been reading studies about the power of visualization and thought it would be worth a try so Todd thought, why not? Every day when he was laying in bed since he could no longer attend school, he visualized microscopic erector set men (perfect for a 16 year old) coming in and repairing his neurons so they became healthy again. He also visualized Jesus healing him. All this lead him to a better diet (if Jesus healed him he had better do his part) including eating vegetables for the first time in his life. Today Todd is healed and lives a normal life.

Find a way to give back. According to Steven Bishop, Steven Shackel, Evy McDonald, and so many others we interviewed, giving back was a key part of healing ALS.

  • Evy was still able to speak so she volunteered to make phone calls on behalf of a local non-profit. She also made it a point, no matter who she was in contact with, to make the other person’s day better.
  • Steven and Jennifer Bishop volunteered at their local MDA Association in a variety of ways and started a local chapter of a non-profit pairing young volunteers with ALS patients who needed help at home.
  • Steven Shackel started the first ALS patient website in 1994 (using Mosaic!) as a way to help others diagnosed with ALS and for PALS share information. One of the things that kept him going was knowing he was needed–so many people were depending on him for the most up-to-date information on possible ways to heal ALS.

One advantage of focusing on others is that it takes your mind off of yourself. Another is that it feels good to give to others. All of this helps in your healing.

Embrace Life the way it is, not the way you would like it to be: According to Evy
McDonald wishing life were different is unproductive and only makes you unhappy. Loving life as it is, in this moment–since we cannot change this moment–is the only logical way to live, because anything else interferes with joy, happiness and healing.

Stay in the Present: Most of us live in the past (regretting, which is unproductive) or the future (worrying, equally unproductive) yet we only have this present moment. In this exact second, are you living your life the fullest and being the happiest you can be?

Listen to positive YouTube videos: Search free YouTube videos by Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Larry Dossey, Darrell Wolfe and others on the mental aspects of healing. When you listen to inspirational lectures, you feel better.

September 2018 Update: Courses from Medical Doctors and PhD’s on how to heal emotionally.

Again, we get to “How do I do all this, when I am so sad, depressed, and/or miserable?”

Most of the doctors on YouTube speak, give courses or have books available. Pick the ones that resonate with you.

Please refer to the August 2018 Healing ALS blog post for more information on Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza. Dr. Joe Dispenza has a great online course for Emotional Healing with a link in that blog post https://healingals.com/2018/08/.

Dr. Darrell Wolfe, MD, as a doctor treating cancer, found out quickly that if his cancer patients were not emotionally healthy (and all of us have some emotion issues), their cancer did not reverse. He also discovered the same was true for every other chronic disease he was treating.

Dr. Wolfe knows from direct experience with his patients that emotional health is key to healing any disease. He also says that every single disease has its roots in emotion. There are studies showing that 95% of all disease is caused by stress. So how do we get rid of stress and be at peak emotional health, even with physical health challenges?

Dr. Wolfe gives free webinars from time to time.  If you cannot attend live, the webinars will be recorded so you can listen later.

Before any webinars, Dr. Wolfe suggests listening to the audio file below several times. You may not agree with everything he says at the beginning, but you may find after several times through, you will be agreeing with more and more of what he says. This may be listened to all at once or in segments over several days.

More information about Dr Darrell Wolfe and several free books and webinars can be found by searching “Doc Star TV”.

Information on paid courses can be found in the link below.


–Patricia Tamowski, co-founder, Healing ALS


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