EMF Radiation: Does it Accelerate ALS?

–By Erika Wheeler, diagnosed ALS 2013

I have learned thru my own research that I have entered into a stage of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) where I am very sensitive to EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) radiation. My question became whether my present condition of ALS was induced by EMF exposure.  I honestly know that it has.  So, as you read the following, my prayer is that you will be convinced that EMFs are affecting us all in a negative, biological way, to the point where you will do your own research and become an active voice in a sleeping generation where many of us are living in a sea of radiation.

There are two basic forms of radiation: Ionizing radiation in which x-rays and atomic bombs are examples.  Non-ionizing radiation is the kind of radiation emitted thru tech
devices e.g. cell phones, Wi-Fi etc.  The latter, non-ionizing, is my greatest concern as it effects, not only PALS (People with ALS), but all illnesses including those who are presently in good health.  An even greater concern is who is protecting us from the level of exposure in which we are surrounded by 24 hours a day?   The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has not updated their standards since 1996 or 1998 depending upon which source you are reading.

For those of you, like myself, who hadn’t a clue to what even EMF stands for or what it is,
here is a brief description:
 EMF (electromagnetic frequencies or fields) is an ionizing type radiation. It is invisible and odorless and cannot be readily detected like cigarette smoke or gas from your gas lines.   EMFs are emitted thru cell phones, Wi-Fi, tablets, laptops and smart meters, to mention a few.  There are two types of EMFs:  Radio frequency (RF) and extremely low frequency (ELF).  On the surface, RFs and ELFs appear non invasive when it comes to health related concerns which may have been true 30-40 years ago.  But today, our environment has increasingly become well saturated with EMF radiation, rising exponentially, with stronger signals nestled in an avalanche of newer and upgraded devices.  

I recall many years ago when a tech would walk up to our homes and manually read our
electric, gas and water meters. Our meters are now being swiftly replaced by ‘smart meters’  that emit an alarming  level of radiation.  I called my electric utility company where I was informed that my neighborhood is slated for installation this Spring 2018. I have requested that mine not be installed.
The data emitted, according to some reports, emits up to thousands of signals a day, where each pulse could last anywhere from minutes up to hours per day. Then add that to power lines, all your in home technical devices,, electricity running thru your homes and appliances which all emit EMFs. 

Additional concerns are expressed in this documentary posted by Dr. Mercola. The entire video is a must see for it reveals other alarming issues surrounding smart meters.  You can fast forward to 40:00  where the discussion focuses on severe health issues surrounding the smart meter. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2017/08/05/smart-meter-dangers.aspx   Hopefully, this reading will cause you to examine your homes, your schools, your offices and research your own findings and take the necessary action to protect yourselves. 

On this New Years Eve, as I type, my laptop has protective covering; I’m using a wired keyboard and mouse; I am covered with protective layers of fabrics including specialized gloves and I am grounded with wiring running to the outside thru my window to a grounding peg.  I am typing in a  4’ x 6’ area in my home where the RFs meter readings are registering safe. You may say to yourself, that’s extreme!  Not when you are trying to save your life.

An individual once said to me, ‘I’m going to pray for a miracle that you will be healed’.  I said, “that’s nice but my joy would be that I recover in such a way that I can share with other PALS (People with ALS) the protocol that led me to that victory.”  You see, I believe we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Our bodies are designed to heal on its own once the obstacles are removed (including disbelief) and we replenish what is lacking.  How many times have we cut our finger and before our very eyes, in a matter of a few days… it heals!  We have no lingering thoughts during those few days of “I wonder if it will heal” for we go about our daily lives and soon the wound heals. 

Our bodies are incredibly made and because the solution to this illness isn’t so apparent as a finger cut, I believe it carries the same principle.  We must believe, remove anything hindering its recovery whether its GERD, toxins, stress etc. and then  apply a ‘balm’ whether it’s supplements, meditation, organic eating, relaxation, ozone therapy, oxygen therapy etc.

I was diagnosed, out of town, with ALS, nearly 5 years ago with the onset of symptoms well before then. According to many PALS, including myself, the same mantra is bestowed by our neurologist: ‘There is no hope, but here is a prescription of Rilutek’ available to you. I accepted neither. There were no tears. I just smiled. I finally knew what I was facing. I felt I had been prepared for a moment such as this, for in years prior I had avoided a repeat surgery by applying the same principle. My symptoms went away, never to return again.

One day a few months ago, I was travelling from one area of my home to another, by
scooter, when suddenly my head bowed down without explanation. My chin was down to my chest and it was as if a hand was on the back of my head pressing it downwardly. With all my might, I couldn’t lift it up. I was frightened, but at the same time trying to assess the situation. I thought, Oh God, is this yet another ALS interval of decline? In my experience thus far, there is a warning before a muscle weakens. There are preludes of fasciculations, cramping and soreness, but not this time. I had not yet experienced fasciculations, cramping nor soreness around my shoulder, neck or upper back.

I continued travelling towards the hallway. Upon entering, my head miraculously lifted up with ease into its normal position. A relief came over me, but I was still puzzled over what had just happened. Through my research, I was already suspicious of the amount of radiation being emitted from my modems/routers.  Upon this encounter, I immediately purchased a RF radiation meter which revealed that the hallway area (that released my locked head position), and another small area (4’ x 6’) were the only safe zones in my home. All other areas signaled yellow or red. The RF meter has green, yellow and red light signals as traffic lights where yellow is cautious and red is high alert (stop!).

Around that same time, I was captivated by yet another observation while typing on my laptop. I noticed a pull and a heaviness in my left arm similar to the previous incident and a weakness to a point where I immediately closed down the laptop. I had always felt a tingling/prickly sensation while typing, but not where the arm and finger (pinky) became disabled momentarily. This left arm had already shown signs of gradual weakness. I hard-wired (Ethernet) my computer thinking this would eliminate all Wi-Fi RF activity. No, it didn’t.  According to my RF meter, there was an additional red zone signal emitting exactly every 60 seconds, letting me know there was a strong signal of radiation. I remembered reading about an individual who discovered a second Wi-Fi signal in his laptop and had a hard time convincing the company from which he purchased it, that it existed. I called the company where I purchased my laptop and shared my dilemma. They sent a well informed tech to my home where he went behind the scenes (instead of thru Microsoft Windows) and removed the signal thru bios.

We  have two modems in our house located on the opposite ends of the house.  In spite
of disconnecting the Wi-Fi by way of a phone call to my internet provider, the modem still
gave a red alert signal.  I later found out these modems are being constantly upgraded with stronger and stronger signals (more RFs) and modems are replaced in our homes whenever the cable company (in my case) had an opportunity.  I tried purchasing an older model from them, but they are no longer available which causes me to ask myself, are we creating a situation of no return where low radiation modems will not be available?

RF meter readings were checked throughout my home including the attic which registered ‘yellow’ for caution. We were quite puzzled for I thought I was only facing modem and computer issues. The meter was then taken outside for a reading, I was floored.  The reading was still at the same level.  Whether it was being generated by smart meters, power lines or the Wi-Fi black boxes that are now strategically being installed by cable providers on telephone polls to emit an even stronger signal, I don’t know. My brother took the meter to his home, which is out in the county, and he found it refreshing to see only ‘green’ registering outside of his home. Inside, however, only his modems registered the same as mine…. with a red alert. The rest of his home registered ‘green’.

As I was researching it was recommended to get a pair of grounding gloves to use while typing which I am now simply enjoying because they are truly blocking the radiation
coming from my extended keyboard. I can feel the difference. They are comfortable, tight fitting and does not interfere with my typing proficiency as I thought they might. Even though the verdict is still out as to what degree grounding is beneficial to PALS, I like the soothing effect it generates thru me over a period of time and thus I deem it as a ‘balm’. I believe the two documentaries, “Grounded” and “Free to Heal’, are beautifully and professionally made documentaries that should be viewed by everyone and available at every school; in every library and every home.

For my cell phone, I purchased a “SafeSleeve” from Amazon which has a good rating thru Consumer Guide, but I still feel quite a bit of radiation emitting from it.

The RF meter, window and computer shields were purchased from lessemf.com. We were not successful in lowering the RF meter readings with the window shielding.  I am learning unless you are able to seal every possible entrance, including upper and lower levels, crawl spaces or any opening for that matter, it’s an almost impossible task. I did use some of the window shielding to cover my computer monitors and it was very effective.

The RF meter can be seen demonstrated by Ce Ce Doucette,­­­­ a leading spokesperson on protecting and alerting us on the dangers of wi-fi.  In the video you will see her using the same RF meter (Acoustimeter) I purchased. I encourage all to view all of her videos on YouTube.  For she is well informed, well articulated and a true activist.

As you see, I’m very much in the infant stage of trying to mitigate the exposure I am experiencing. I have many questions unanswered. If it accelerates the decline of ALS, then to what extent is it having on the most fragile of our society, the unborn fetus where unsuspected mothers to be often rest their laptops or cell phones nearby within inches of their precious cargo; or no sooner they are out of the wound are enveloped with wireless devices including baby monitors?

Back in 2003, Pub Med published the effect of EMFs on ALS stating there is a need for research. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12541277   In the past 15 years, how much research has there been?  I’m still searching with disappointment.

Another respected source in the National Library of Medicine sites a 2012 report that suggest EMFs was significantly associated with increased risk of ALS in pooled studies and case-control studies. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3506624/

My ALS journey has been one of awe in discovering that there is so much information that has been documented that could truly help us but it’s up to us PALS and small ALS organizations to find it on our own. Then there are obstacles that scream to be researched, but are not.  According to Dr. Bedlack of Duke University, our leading ALS physician/researcher, has uncovered at least 34 reversals and Health Advocates Worldwide has an upcoming book on ALS reversals, with little funding.  

Here are some more interesting points found in the book:  “Radiation Nation” by Daniel and Ryan DeBaun, which I highly recommend:

○  A mountain of research reports have revealed the effects of EMFs on laboratory animals
 where the brain activity is clearly altered.
  Isn’t this a direct correlation to ALS where the hallmark of this illness is of a neurological decline? 

○  When sperm is exposed to radiation for one hour, 25% of the sperm count are left immobile.  How often do you see men resting their laptops on their laps or carrying their cell phones in our pockets?  If  it injures the sperm count, to what degree is it affecting the ovaries? If a pregnant woman holds her laptop in her lap to what degree is it having on the fragile unborn? –

○  Wi-Fi has been banned at Lakehead University in Canada. The French National Assembly has banned Wi-Fi at all children facilities that caters to three year olds and under.  The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario representing 76,000 teachers has requested a cease of all wireless devices.

“One PALS used Memon technology to reduce EMFs in his home and office and felt it made a significant difference.” US: https://www.emf-harmony.com/  EU: www.memon.eu/en/

Dr. Mercola is also a wonderful resource for just about anything health wise:  https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2017/09/24/electronic-devices-emf-dangers.aspx

Knowledge is powerful.  Collectively, we are powerful.  Please feel free to communicate and share your findings, ultimately finding our way closer and closer to…. healing ALS.

3 thoughts on “EMF Radiation: Does it Accelerate ALS?

  1. Presentation by NutriGenetic Research Institute on the genomcs of EMF exposure may be helpful. I am certified in genomic analysis and work with clients concerned with neurodegeneration and stress. You’ll see that that SOD genes, proposed to be a cause of ALS do not function in isolation.in the detoxification and inflammation pathways. In short, degeneration is a confluence of toxins, nutritional deficiencies and genetic (enzymatic) inefficiencies in clearing cellular/tissue/organ damaging compounds.

  2. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PHD is very much convinced that if you do not reduce EMF exposure that you cannot heal neurologice diseases such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, MS, etc.
    Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt About EMF Dangers in this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS1gQgnUf5A
    Take Back Your Power is a great informational video about EMF dangers: https://www.takebackyourpower.net/
    Also 5Gcrisis.com and ehtrust.org both have information on thousands of studies that demonstrate health damages from EMF.

  3. What a powerful and heart wrenching story. Reading this have peaked my interest in ALS, and what can possibly be done to eradicate this disease. As I read about EMF, I want to educate myself more. I will encourage others that I know to read this blog, and visit the various links mentioned.

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