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We are working hard on our documentary video series and book,  Healing ALS. Please click the “Donate” button at left to donate to the film and book. Thank you!

Funds will be used for travel to interviews, shooting and editing costs, graphics, transcriptions, post-production, and other costs associated with creating a full-length documentary film.

OUR GOAL for the documentary series and book: There are people living normal lives after a diagnosis of ALS. The film and book will educate people that ALS CAN BE HEALED NATURALLY.

YOUR SUPPORT will help get this message out to doctors, families, and most importantly, to the tens of thousands of people who are suffering with ALS and dying needlessly.

Because of your generous support to date, we are making good progress on both the documentary film and book. So far we have raised over $88,000 towards our needed funds of $130,000 to complete the project. The sooner we get the rest of the funding, the sooner the project will be complete.

Thank you so much for your support.


When the Healing ALS documentary series and book are complete, our next project will be:

Healing Alzheimer’s

Your support is much appreciated in getting the vital information contained in these documentary films and books out to the public. Thank you again!

5 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Interested in the progress of the film but some of the sites I go to says the campaign is closed. Could you send me an update. I have ALS – diagnosed in March of 2015 but know I have symptoms for at least a year. Am following a protocol similar to the Deanna Protocol and started using the coconut oil. Feeling pretty good but hard to hear from naysayers.
    Thanks for the update and would like to contribute.

  2. Hello.
    Patricia and Allen I met you today with my brother John Hicks.
    I am interested in working with you about the Rife machine results and the holistic treatments which can help my brother live a healthy and long life.

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