Bill Riffle Still Walking after 29 Years with ALS

Bill Riffle was diagnosed with ALS in 1992 at the age of 53 after experiencing symptoms since 1989. 

Today in 2021, Bill is 85 years old and is still walking using his walker he calls “Harley”.

Bill attributes his longevity to:

  1. Attitude. If you live long enough you will get something. Live with it, make the best of it. Stay positive and lead an active life
  2. Vitamins. Magnesium 500 mg daily Bill says is the most important, along with Vitamins B6 100 mg, B12 250 mcg, C 500 mg, E 400 IU. He has used vitamins since his first symptoms began.
  3. Exercise DVD – A DVD he has used since 1995 as well as staying as active as possible all the the time. 
  4. Faith – A strong faith in God and a community praying for him, and a sense of purpose to give hope to others diagnosed with ALS.

Bill shares his story in his book Pushing My Harley. To order the book that comes with the exercise DVD Bill uses

To contact Bill directly if you have questions about his book or DVD, his email is

Bill has been married to his wife Phyllis for 47 years. Phyllis says she is inspired by Bill’s positive attitude which has made her attitude positive as well. 

Bill and Phyllis are active in their church and their local community. Together they have made it through many hospital visits from injuries from falls as well as a heart attack and cancer diagnoses. 

The full interview of Bill and Phyllis Riffle will be posted below soon.

9 thoughts on “Bill Riffle Still Walking after 29 Years with ALS

  1. This is my favourite article on ALS topic. As you can see I commented it more than year ago, hopefully my comment will pass approvals. If not then I hope the reviewer will at least use this information for the benefits of ALS suffering people.

    I have finished my 2 years lasting review of ALS related materials and summarized my work (very critical, had no choice) on my website. It is quite weird, I know but in my opinion ALS is no mystery. It is just absolutely insane human mistake which is being continuously covered … Where is the mistake?

    Of course there is a problem with immune system but then ALS is just an alias for Lyme disease, its neuroborrelios form which is very hard boreliosis leading to gradual paralysis (inflammation of CNS). Serological tests which are used to officially deny Lyme link to ALS are done from blood which is far from bullet proof (check Lisa Holmer Mattman work).

    Just the fact the ALS is fatal nickname for hard neuroborreliosis (most likely) kills people because this alias does not have any official cure, while for Lyme there are many non-ATBs protocols which work. However people with ALS stop all treatment and thus they often die just by watching their disease progressing … If this gets confirmed one day, it will be one of the darkest days in human history. I have no other explanation, however the consequence is also a positive – ALS can be effectively cured, there is no need for all those drug miracles ALS community is praying for. Curing has to be done immediatelly, not with 12-15 months delay which is the usual reality.

    • Hello Douglas,

      While I have heard of people taking L-Carnitne I cannot speak about its benefits as everyone tends too react differently. My suggestion is to do some research on it and maybe come to a Sunday meeting and pose that questions during the Q&A.

      Thank you
      Glenn – Healing ALS Team

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