Betsy Thomason, Respiratory Therapist, BODS Breathing method

Respiratory Therapist/Breathing Trainer Betsy Thomason is
documenting how PALS benefit from learning the
BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs).
Betsy continues to offer pro bono BODs telephone coaching
to folks with ALS and their caregivers. If you are interested,
please listen to the March 14, 2021 recording of Betsy’s
Healing ALS talk at and/or peruse the website . Then call / email Betsy at 551-
265-7561 / to learn more.

The BreatheOutDynamic system basics are explained in
Chapter 3 of Just Breathe Out, as well as in a 10-minute You
Tube video located at
Practice is required and this is where Betsy’s coaching is

Contact Betsy for a free e-book. Just Breathe Out is also available in paper and
iTunes/Audible formats, as well as in braille and audio at the National Library Service at
the Library of Congress—for US citizens who cannot utilize a regular book. Ask you
local librarian for help with initial NLS access.

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  1. How do I get in contact with altitude tech in regards to using their oxygen concentrator—-we bought one to use with exercise bike—we saw at the 2019 Healing ALS conference in Salt Lake City

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