Avi Greenberg Thursday ALS Breathing Sessions

Avi Greenberg, breathing coach, is offering weekly Group Zoom sessions for ALS families every Thursday. They are free although donations are accepted. The link for the weekly Thursday meeting is below:

More information about Avi is at avigreenberg.com.

Time: Every Thursday 12PM PT, 3PM ET (US), 9PM Europe

Join Zoom Meeting:

Avi Greenburg is inviting you to a scheduled zoom meeting:


Passcode: 082290

You may also email Avi at hi@avigreenberg.com. He will add you to his email list.

Article about Breathing:


Recommended book: The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown

4 thoughts on “Avi Greenberg Thursday ALS Breathing Sessions

  1. Hi,
    Is the meeting on July 29th on?
    I tried many times to join the meeting but always said that the meeting have nor started, and it is almost 3:30 ET. They gave a passcode, but the computer never asked me for it. I do not know how to join if it is on.

  2. Hello, I am interested in this group for my husband. He is being evaluated for ALS and has also been diagnosed with chronic lyme. His diaphragm is weaker and it effects his ability to speak. I was reading that too much exercise on effected muscles may cause the neurons to die off quicker. Have you heard of this? Is your breathwork modified for ALS? Thank you kindly for your reply and offering you classes.

    • Hello Cheri,

      To join up for the group please go to the healingals.com home page and scroll down to find the link to the classes. They are held on Thursday’s

      As far as exercises it is top the individual and what they feel they can accomplish. Many believe that continuing to do some forms of exercise helps to keep the muscles active. You don’t want to overdue it and workout to exhaustion. You have to do some research and find what you feel is right for you.

      Thank you
      Glenn – Healing ALS Team

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