Anthony William on ALS & Sally’s Story

Anthony William has had a number of clients diagnosed with ALS who have successfully reversed their ALS. Although we have not yet met with any of these clients, we believe him and our reasons are in this blog. First, listen to some of what Anthony has to say about ALS:

Anthony William has written a number of books. His first book I read a couple of years ago called Medical Medium. The first time I read it I questioned, “Really? ‘Spirit of the Most High’, sent by God, is this guy serious?” Then I said to myself, well, let me be open, I will read what he has to say. I care about results, not preconceived beliefs.

First point of credibility: What Anthony William had to say in his book made sense and at least 80 percent agreed with what I had heard elsewhere from functional medical doctors, naturopaths and PhD’s. On top of that much of what he said rang true, both from a common sense and an intuitive perspective.

Then I read Anthony William’s second book, Thyroid Healing. Since I personally have many hypothyroid symptoms I was interested. After following a paleo diet for years for a neurological issue and being happy with the results, I was unsure of this new path, but read on for Sally’s story.

Second point of credibility: Sally is a friend from high school, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2007. What do MS and ALS have in common?

  • Both are neurological diseases
  • Both affect the muscles, and
  • Both are autoimmune conditions.

I wanted to hear how Sally’s MS did on Anthony William’s protocol, but first here are some more details of Sally’s history:

  • Between her diagnosis in 2007 and 2012 Sally experimented with diets and protocols that might help slow down her MS progression. She was eating nothing artificial, she had her mercury amalgam dental fillings removed (See blog: amalgam dangers) and was eating a very clean diet. Even with this, Sally still had significant symptoms of both MS and brain fog.
  • In early 2012 Sally started The Wahls Protocol for her MS symptoms. She had great results. Within six months on the protocol, Sally’s MS symptoms improved dramatically. Even more importantly the protocol eliminated her brain fog, which was significant. Note: The Wahls protocol is a great protocol and we know people with neurological issues, including MS, ALS and Alzheimer’s who have had success with it.  Read our blog article with more on Wahls Protocol at Wahls Protocol.
  • Sally had been on the Wahls protocol for almost six years and felt her symptoms had stabilized at about 90 percent better. Her balance improved to the point where she was able to again ski expert runs. She was happy but there were a few nagging symptoms that had not improved.
  • About six months ago in the fall of 2017, Sally read Anthony William’s three books (third one pictured below) and decided to try the Thyroid Healing protocol and the supplements he recommended for MS to see if she could improve on those last symptoms. The Anthony William protocol is more strict than the Wahls protocol although there are some differences: William limits animal fats, even healthy fats and suggests more fruit, juicing and supplements.

Sally’s results from the Thyroid Healing protocol, both diet and supplements:

  • At about 10 weeks, Sally could stand on her tiptoes in yoga class (she could not hold it but could stand for a second or two)–she had not been able to do this for years.
  • After 6 months on the protocol using:
    • Sally can now stand on her tiptoes and hold it for quite a while.
    • Her neuropathy is going away! She can now button her blouse without looking! This is a big deal because she had to look at the buttons before while buttoning because she could not feel her fingers.
    • She is no longer “leaking” urine when she goes on a hike.
    • She has fewer neurological “misfires”. Example: a bug biting her and it itches several inches away from the actual bite. The signals from the brain to the body are no longer getting crossed.
  • Sally is excited that she has brought her healing to a new level and looks forward to even more improvement.

Third point of credibility: Sally is a health coach and one of her MS clients is using Anthony William’s Thyroid Healing protocol. Before he started, he was able to walk only a mile or two before his foot started dragging. Now he is on the Williams protocol and he recently hiked seven miles before his foot started dragging!

Fourth point of credibility. Another friend, Chris, had significant neurological and muscular symptoms including severe headaches, cognitive impairment, anxiety, severe nerve pain throughout his body, muscle cramping and muscle weakness. Lab tests showed Lyme disease in addition to babecia, bartonella, mycoplasma and a few other co-infections. He consulted many doctors, both traditional and holistic, with no relief. Chris’ symptoms were so severe he could no longer work and was dependent on pain medication to get through the day.

About five years ago, when Anthony William was still practicing, Chris consulted with him. Anthony has helped him back to health. Chris is now able to work again, can snowboard again for short periods, and has most of his function back. He is working his way back to being 100 percent. The more severe the symptoms, the longer it will take to heal.


We see the potential in this approach and wanted to share with our readers the possible  value of trying Anthony William’s protocol:

  • The above four points of credibility
  • Anthony William’s previous success with ALS
  • His protocol does not restrict calories in any way
  • None of the things he recommends can do harm

As we have seen with the many ALS reversals we have examined, there is more than one way to reverse ALS. Anthony Williams ALS protocol combined with his Thyroid Healing protocol seems to be a promising approach. Certainly, his books are worth reading. His fourth book, Liver Rescue, is coming out this fall will also be an important one since good liver function is so important for ALS recovery.

Patricia Tamowski

We are journalists, not medical professionals. The information we share is for educational purposes and should not be treated as medical advice.

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  1. I have ALS diagnosed 2017. I’m in wheelchair, I have a tube connected to my stomach. My vitals are excellent lungs, heart, blood pressure, oxygen in blood 96/98. I start to take all stuff that Doctor Williams recommends. Need help

    • Thank you for your inquiry. As you will see on this website, many have succeeded in reversing ALS.

      The best way to start is usually at Click on the green button at right that says “How to I Heal ALS?”
      From there you will be pointed to a document entitled, “Where Do I Start?” Follow instructions from there.

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