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Where do I start?
Revised 2021. People ask where do I start? Some PALS would like to take some positive steps while they are[...]

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Leap Mission Group
THE LEAP MISSION GROUP INFORMATION BELOW What is the Leap-Mission Group and why join? Freely communicate with other PALS on[...]
Lazarus Ember’s ALS Reversal Protocol
We are honored to have Lazarus Ember speak at two of our Healing ALS Sunday Community Meetings: Part 1 Healing[...]
2019 Healing ALS Live Event Invitation
2019 Healing ALS Live Event Invitation - Save the Date October 18 - 20, 2019 Salt Lake City, UT, USA.[...]
Importance of Diet in ALS.
The importance of Diet in ALS. Everything you put in your mouth has a biochemical effect on your body. Diet[...]
Detoxification With ALS you will want to detoxify very slowly ideally with the help of a holistic medical professional and[...]
Resources – Basic
Resources - Beginning Buy the book Eric is Winning from Read the book twice. It's like a primer for[...]