47 Steps to Healing ALS Step 6 Self Study





Step 6. Make sure you are breathing clean air in your home, work and vehicle

  1. Mold and mycotoxins are present in more than 50% of homes in the United States, and worldwide.
    1. The presence of Mold or mycotoxins in your home can prevent you from reversing your ALS symptoms.
    2. Mold and mycotoxins used to be much more innocuous decades ago. Since EMF’s such as WiFi, 3G, 4G and now 5G are now in our lives, mold and mycotoxins have become MANY times more toxic to the human body.
    3. Mycotoxins are the “poop” of mold. Mold is trying to protect itself from EMFs and creates many times more toxic poop than before.
  2. If you live on a busy street or live near a gas station, you likely have petroleum toxins in your home, and will likely need a special type of air filter.
  3. If you live near a farm, they likely use pesticides and you will likely need a special type of air filter.
  4. Test for mold and mycotoxins in your home
    1. Order a HERTSMI cloth mycotoxin test from mycometrics.com.
    2. Test your home, work and car (3 testing kits). If you can only afford 1 test, start with your home. The cost is $160 per test.
    3. Mycotoxins are one of the most common environmental toxins in the home and work environment. Just because you can’t smell it, doesn’t mean it is not there. Even brand new houses, condominiums and apartments can be full of mycotoxins.
    4. If the HERTSMI test is negative (tests for the 5 most common molds), to make absolutely sure you have no mold inside order the following additional test.
      1. Malt Extract Agar Plates – Evviva Sciences – Great for Mushrooms, Molds, Fungus – 10 Prepoured MEA Petri Dishes – Also Great for Science Fair Projects!: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific
      2. Make sure when the test kit arrives you put it in the refrigerator immediately and conduct the test as early as possible after arrival to ensure the agar plates are good.
      3. Here are the Mold Testing Instructions: MOLD TESTING.docx
  5. Eliminate Toxins from the air in your home: mycotoxins, VOC’s, bacteria, viruses, petroleum and any organic material
    1. There are three machines that should eliminate mycotoxins from the air and they are listed below. Air Doctor and other Ultra HEPA filters do NOT eliminate mycotoxins from surfaces.
      1. HiTech machine. This is the one we have found is the most effective and the best price. HiTechAirSolutions.com. Order Model 101. Each machine covers approximately 1400 square feet. Choose Heather Plude as Salesperson and Use Promo Code HealingALS for a 10% discount. If you have questions, please contact heatherplude@gmail.com.
      2. Odorox has the same technology but it is more expensive and our community has not independently tested the before and after HERTSMI with this machine.
      3. OdorStop Hydroxyl Generator has a similar technology to the other two devices but our community has not done before and after testing with this machine.
    2. You can put these machines overnight in your car to eliminate these toxins.
    3. These machines can be used for years and can be left running 24 hours per day and you may stay in the house because they off-gas hydrocarbons. A few people are sensitive to the hydrocarbons. In this case, simply run the machine during the day in the bedroom and and night in the living room
    4. Change the filters in these machines at least once per year.
    5. When you first start running these machines, if there is a burning smell, it means the machine is killing the mold. This is temporary and will be gone within a few days to a few weeks.
    6. You can put the machine in front of your couch, with the cushions off, you can place papers or open books nearby to de-mold all personal items.
  6. Remedy any leaks in basement, attic or crawlspace or anywhere in the house
    1. Use a Flir camera to find any leaks.
    2. Link to Flir camera:
  7. Do a Radon Test
    1. Do not skip this step. Radon is very common in many areas. It is extremely toxic to the human body. Many PALS have discovered this toxin in their homes. Radon can prevent you from stopping and reversing ALS progression  
    2. Here is one you can order: https://a.co/d/iI0kOoH
  8. What is the difference between Hydroxyl machines and an Ultra HEPA filter machine?

    1. The Hydroxl generating machines such as the HiTech and the Odorox machines are the only ones that will eliminate mold and mycotoxins from surfaces. They will eliminate any organic toxins, in other words, any toxins with a carbon atom. It will not eliminate chemical toxins.
    2. The Ultra HEPA filter machines will eliminate particles including mold in the air, but the filter is too large to eliminate mycotoxins, which are much smaller.
  9. Eliminate petroleum, new carpet smell, pesticides, and other toxins from the air
    1. Use the HiTech or Odorox machines
    2. You can run an ozone machine in your home to eliminate these toxins. You and any of your animals must LEAVE your home when the ozone machine is running, since ozone byproducts are toxic. Feel free to run once per month or once per 3 or 6 months as needed 
    3. Here is a link to an ozone machine:Promolife – Ozone Therapy and Natural Health
    4. In addition to the HiTech or Odorox machines, you may also get an UltraHEPA air filter if the HiTech or Odorox does not completely eliminate any odors after a month of use.
  10. Watch 2 Mold Sunday Recordings:
    1. Part 1 March 20, 2022: https://vimeo.com/690367078/2b1f830da2
    2. Part 2 April 3, 2022: https://vimeo.com/698015512/65ae721cad

Check for Understanding and Completion of Step 6:

  1. ____I understand this step may take several weeks or months to complete.
  2. ____I have ordered a HERTSMI test from mycometrics.com
  3. ____I have received the results and emailed it to heatherplude@gmail.com for a FREE interpretation she offers to Healing ALS 47 Steps participants.
  4. ____ My home has a HERTSMI of 0 or I have purchased a hydroxyl generating machine.
  5. ____ I understand that Ultra HEPA filters such as Air Doctor do NOT eliminate mycotoxins. They are good for the larger mold particles, dust and many other items and can be used in addition to a hydroxyl generating machine but not replace it.
  6. _____ I understand that the carbon atom is
  7. _____ I or a family member have checked for active leaks in my basement, attic and crawlspace and if any were there I have corrected the issue.
  8. _____ I have purchased a radon test
  9. _____ I have the results of my radon test and my home is safe.
  10. _____ I have looked at other potential pollutants in my area such as petrochemicals from traffic or nearby gas stations or refineries, pesticides from farms. If these toxins have a carbon atom (mycotoxins, cigarette smoke, petroleum, some pesticides) the hydroxl machines will work. If they are chemical the need a different filter which I have researched and for right now I am confident I am controlling the things I can control.
  11. _____If there are too many things in my environment I cannot control, longer term I have considered moving to a cleaner environment.

If you have checked all items, Congratulations! You have completed Step 6!