47 Steps to Healing ALS Step 3 Self Study

Step 3: Your Team, Sunday Webinars & Resources 

Healing ALS Resources

  1. Watch the Welcome to HealingALS.org video. 
  2. Note that the Healing ALS Community is a team of people dedicated to finding solutions for ALS
  3. On HealingALS.org, Skim the entire “Our Story”,  Founders, Healing ALS Staff,  Our Medical Advisory Team, and Healing ALS Volunteers
  4. Read/Skim Our Mission and Our Methodology sections at the bottom of the Our Story page.

2)  Sign up for Healing ALS Newsletter if you have not already, and “white list” healingals@gmail.com and info@healingals.com

Each week we have important information that is relevant for both PALS and CALS. 

  1. Fill in your name, email address and phone number
  2. If you do not see the newsletter in your inbox, please check your spam.
  3. To make sure you receive them in your inbox please google “white list email” for instructions to white list healingals@gmail.com and info@healingals.com


3) Start Building Your Team

  • Find people who you would like on your ALS support team. This is not an illness you can fight on your own and the traditional medical field has very little to offer.
    • Include only people who believe you can heal–friends, family, parents, children, siblings, cousins. Family members and friends can be extremely helpful in doing online research.
  • Only add people to your team who will help you get well, not help you die. Include people who will improve the quality of your life.
  • Your team may consist of only one or two people at first. Make sure they have all read the “Build Belief” items above. They also need to understand all the points below or understand how important they are for your well being.
  • Remember you are captain of your ship. Your team members are there to assist you. You have to be comfortable with everything you do. If you are not comfortable, you need more information or research. Even in the relationship with any medical professional, he or she is there to advise you. It is you who makes the decisions. If you are only comfortable with part of the protocol suggested, do that part while you research the rest. Then decide.
  • You are the most important member of your team. Take responsibility for your own health and wellness. If a medical professional, family member, friend strongly suggests you read a book or article, read it, or at least skim it. If they strongly suggest looking into a protocol, then look into it. Take responsibility for understanding why sugar, gluten, dairy and grains are not good for you. They will be much easier to pass up when you understand the science behind it.
  • Look for team members in the following categories:
    1. People diagnosed with ALS (PALS)
    2. Caregivers (CALS)
    3. Family members and friends of those with ALS (FALS)
    4. Members of other ALS organizations. These organizations refer people to Healing ALS for information on holistic healing and we refer people to their organizations in their areas of expertise.
  • IF you need fundraising, watch the fundraising video below and get a member of your team to watch it as well. Remember that people want to help you. You are doing them a favor by allowing them to help you when they feel helpless. Most people are grateful to be able to give to a GoFundMe or other fundraising campaign to help with so many expenses that insurance does not cover. 8.21.22 Fundraising For ALS (vimeo.com)





4) Attend Sunday Webinars. Monday Q&A and Thursday Q&A are strongly recommended.







Webinars are all Sundays except holiday weekends at 11AM Pacific time, 2PM Eastern time, and 8PM Western European time. The link is always on the HealingALS.org homepage and in the newsletter. 


Our speakers are:

Medical professionals who have ALS reversals as patients. Learn the approaches that have been the most successful for ALS.



ALS Reversals who share the intimate details of how they healed



 Experts or researchers in specific topics related to ALS



It is BEST to listen live so you can ask questions live and so you can participate in the Breakout rooms and meet other PALS and CALS in the community.


If you cannot listen live, click “Sunday Webinars” on the Healing ALS home page and listen once the previous Sunday recording is posted, usually by Wednesday.

Monday Q&A

Thursday Q&A


5) Holistic Medical and Dental Resources. 

  • Finding a functional or integrative medicine doctor.
  • Beware: There are many doctors who call themselves “functional” or “integrative” doctors, whose only qualification is a weekend or week-long course in functional medicine. They do not have the depth of experience to handle a disease as complex as ALS
  • On the other hand there are many naturopaths and functional or integrative doctors who have great experience and education and can help you with diet, supplements, detoxification and more, even if they have no specific ALS experience.
  • DO read google reviews online AND get local referrals.
  • Many naturopaths and functional doctors outside your area do telemedicine on Zoom.
  • There are two websites to get practitioners in the US and Canada: 
  • Institute for Functional Medicine: ifm.org
  • American College for the Advancement of Medicine: acam.com
  • Finding a biological dentist
  • Find a Practitioner
  • Iaomt.org
  • iabdm.org


6) Other Resources. These are for the United States. If you live in another country and have resources that are useful in your country, please contact HealingALS@gmail.com and we will add them to this page.


Note: Be aware that most of the organizations listed below do NOT believe in ALS Reversals. They are not familiar with Dr. Bedlack’s work or the dismiss it. Do not allow yourself to get discouraged and do not allow

  • ALS Association and/or MND Association
  • Great for borrowing wheelchairs, assistance on getting an electric wheelchair ordered (many PALS strongly suggest electric wheelchair with stand-up feature, and applying to Team Gleason for the funds for the extra co-pay)
  • Great for borrowing other equipment related to ALS
  • Local advice about people who can help with wheelchair ramps, 
  • Team Gleason
  • All of Team Gleason’s non-administrative funds go directly to helping PALS for items such as
  • Co-pays for wheelchairs and other ALS-related equipment
  • Funds for wheelchair access into home and within home such as widening bathroom door or roll-in shower
  • Funds for travel to special occasion such as a wedding or special travel destination
  • Stem Cells
  • Stem cells, including NurOwn, have been shown to have temporary effects only.
  • The reason for this appears to be because if there are toxins in the body, the toxins kill off the newly created stem cells, just as they did the original nerve cells.
  • We recently spoke to a functional medical doctor who said that out of over 100 ALS patients he had given stem cells to, only 2 had long lasting results, and those two did many, many other things that included most of the 47 Steps to Healing ALS.
  • Several of the ALS Reversals considered stem cells, but by the time they detoxed the toxins in their body, they found they had reversed their ALS symptoms and the stem cells were no longer required.
  • Healing ALS has spoken to many PALS who have tried stem cells and has confirmed that either there was no benefit or the benefit was temporary. Please correct nutritional deficiencies, follow and anti-inflammatory diet and detox FIRST, before considering stem cells.

  • Clinical Trials
  • The biggest reason people are asked to participate in clinical trials is to help other PALS in the future. Please consider the following:
  • Those who actively do functional and integrative medicine and consistently attend Sunday Webinars hosted by HealingALS.org, do better than any ALS Clinical trial. We will be able to prove this statement with the ALS Registry by the end of 2023.
  • Wouldn’t you have a greater positive effect on hundreds or thousands of PALS by reversing ALS instead of by participating in a clinical trial?
  • ALS Researchers have noted there are more than 100 “Failed” ALS trials. In other words, almost all of the ALS clinical trials were not approved and showed no improvements.
  • If you choose to participate in a clinical trial, please read carefully all the potential side effects of the drug they are administering. Measure the potential benefits of the drugs versus the potential side effects.
  • Many Clinical trials do not want you take supplements or change your current supplement or other protocols during the clinical trial. We know from experience that you need to do 30 or 40 things in order to heal ALS, and you will want to constantly be adjusting your protocol.
  • Many PALS have died earlier than they otherwise would have because of participation in a clinical trial.
  • Avoid clinical trials that ask you to take a vaccine. Vaccines of all types are implicated as a possibly contributing causitive factor in ALS.
  • Avoid clinical trials that require and MRI with contrast. Your detox pathways are already compromised. Some PALS have taken six months of detox, just to clear the contrast material out of their system (usually gadolinium).
  • Avoid clinical trials that require injection, lumbar puncture, or any trial that requires your physical presence. These are long days that require time and energy that can be better spent on your healing. There is also the safety risk, even though it is low, of infection as a result of lumbar puncture.
  • Avoid “safety” clinical trials. They are testing the maximum dosage it is “safe” to administer. What if you are the person being given the dosage they find unsafe?
  • To see a list of clinical trials in the United States, visit clinicaltrials.gov
  • ALS Clinics
  • They will not help you heal, and may actively discourage any thoughts about slowing or reversing progress, but they will help you in a variety of other ways such as:
  • Breathing referrals and resources such as respiratory therapy at home, pulmonologist at the clinic, measuring SVC (slow vital capacity) and FVC (forced vital capacity)
  • Prescriptions for wheelchairs
  • Physical and occupational therapy evaluations and prescriptions for home PT and OT.
  • Please ignore most nutritional advice given at the ALS clinics since they are not trained in functional nutrition
  • ALS Cares (Northeast US)
  • This group assists with care and strategies for care
  • They help you find wheelchairs and other equipment, help get family involved with care, often have local resources you may not be aware of.
  • I AM ALS
  • This group is excellent at lobbying for congressional reforms and laws to allow for more ALS funding. Unfortunately none of the ALS funding approved so far is going to research or implement holistic or functional solutions for ALS. 
  • I AM ALS is also working with other groups on mapping ALS Clusters and finding environmental exposures contributing to ALS.
  • Everything ALS
  • This organization puts on Webinars every second Wednesday at 7PM Eastern time (US). Most of their presentations are on conventional ALS Research and current clinical trials.

4) A note about Exosomes,


Check for Understanding and Completion of Step 3:

I understand that we are…Read/Skim Our Story, Founders, Healing ALS Staff,  Our Medical Advisory Team,doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, and other holistic medical practitioners, ALS Researchers


___ I have watched the Welcome video on the Home Page of HealingALS.org and read the entire “Our Story” page of HealingALS.org


___ I have signed up for the Healing ALS newsletter.


___ I have watched the 2 support team videos (available in a week)


___ Write down your current team members. For each are they positive? On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most positive, write down their positivity.


___ Write down 10 potential Support Team members from immediate family members, extended family members, friends, colleagues, church members, caregivers, physical or occupational therapists, doctors, naturopaths, dentists, members of ALS organizations, Facebook friends, fellow PALS you connect with.


___ If you need fundraising, list 3 people to ask to run a GoFundMe campaign or other fundraising campaign. If you do not need fundraising, consider this step as completed.


___ I have registered for next Sunday’s Webinar.


___ I have visited the “Sunday Webinars” page so I know how to access any recordings I miss.


___ I commit to watch at least 90% of all future Healing ALS Sunday Webinars either live or recorded.


___ II commit to attending either basic or advanced Q&A on Mondays MOST of the time or Watch the recording that can be obtained by emailing healingals@gmail.com (only available for one week)


____I commit to attending ONE of the live Thursday Q&A Sessions for the FREE 45 Steps to Healing Course OR the recording.


____ I have read the functional doctor and dentist information above


____ Write down the various resources listed under “Other Resources” above.


If you have checked all boxes, Congratulations! You have completed this step!