47 Steps to Healing ALS Step 1 Self Study

Step 1:  ALS Reversals are Rea

Watch these 3 ALS Reversal Videos

These are just three examples of ordinary people who reversed ALS.

Nelda Buss (2 min)


Mark Manchester (1 min)


Kim Cherry (5 min)


Here is a summary of 17 ALS Reversals (7 min). As you are watching, write down the names and diagnosis years of each of the 17 reversals.


Here is a video summarizing Stephen Sherry’s reversal. At the end of this video please write down the 15 steps Stephen used to reverse ALS.


Please note there are many more videos interviewing ALS reversals or ALS presentations on the Healing Advocates YouTube channel ALS playlist. Please subscribe to keep updated on new videos to our channel. Healing Advocates – YouTube


To see more ALS reversals visit HealingALS.org and click on “ALS Reversals” in top menu. We will be adding more ALS reversals as we find them. Click on either the picture of the person or their name to read more about them. (Available on NEW HealingALS.org site once it is live).


If you know of any ALS Reversals, partial ALS reversals or long term survivors who are not listed, please email healingals@gmail.com. Thank you for your help!


Check for Understanding and Completion of Step 1:

  1. ____I watched the Nelda Buss video and understand that Nelda was diagnosed with ALS in 1983 at age 43. As of 2023 she is still healthy in her 80’s.
  2. ____I watched the Mark Manchester video. I understand that Mark had a tracheostomy and feeding tube and was not able to move, eat, breathe or speak for three years. Today he can walk and had his trach and feeding tube removed. 
  3. ____ I watched the Kim Cherry video. I understand that Kim was diagnosed in 2011 at age 63 and is able to walk and speak after ten years with bulbar ALS.
  4. ____ I watched the 17 ALS Reversals video. I wrote down the names of the 17 people in this video. I understand some of these are “full ALS reversals”, which we consider 90% or more back to full functionality and some are “partial ALS reversals” which means they have reversed some ALS symptoms and have stabilized at a level at less than 90%
  5. ____ I watched the Stephen Sherry Video and I have written down the 15 steps that Stephen used to reverse ALS.
  6. ____ I have gone to YouTube.com and visited the Healing Advocates YouTube channel to see what videos are there.
  7. ____I have visited the ALS Reversals tab on HealingALS.org and noted the number of ALS reversals and some of their bios. (Once new site is live)

If you have checked all boxes, Congratulations! You have completed Step 1!