Joyce Brown ALS Reversal Update

**Posted below are two 2020 videos, an interview and a Q&A Joyce’s contact info is below.

2020 Update on Dr. Joyce Brown

Joyce was diagnosed with ALS in 1988 at the age of 54. Today she is almost 87 years old young and living a full active life as a speaker.

Joyce’s main methods of healing ALS were:

  1. Prayer
  2. “Sleep teaching”
  3. Homeopathy & Acupuncture
  4. Changed diet
  5. Supplements including vitamin C, B and selenium
  6. Meditation
  7. Amalgam filling removal (done previously)

Below the videos, is a summary of Dr. Joyce Brown’s Healing ALS Story



Near Death Experience 1983. In 1983, five years before her ALS diagnosis, Joyce was extremely ill and almost died. In fact she did actually die and visited the other side. She documents her near-death experience in her book, God’s Heavenly Answers. Joyce learned many things while on the other side, about making the best use of your time while you are on earth, about not judging other people, and a lot of lessons on how to live your life.

Dental causes of disease. Among the other lessons, Joyce was told on the other side that in order to heal she needed to have a particular gold-crowned tooth removed. Although this tooth gave her no pain she went the next day to have it removed. The dentist did not want to take it out because the tooth looked perfect on the x-ray, but Joyce insisted, and it turned out that the roots of the tooth were black and infected. Joyce was also shown during her near-death experience how poisonous silver amalgam dental fillings are. (ALL silver amalgam dental fillings are 50% mercury, extremely toxic to humans, animals, birds, fish and more). Shortly after her near-death experience, Joyce had all of her silver amalgam fillings replaced with white fillings.

ALS Diagnosis 1988. Five years after her near-death experience, at age 54, Joyce began having muscle cramping, muscle twitching (fasciculations), difficulty swallowing, breathing, and walking, choking on saliva, and losing her voice. 

Joyce Brown

She went to visit a very well-respected Medical Doctor who diagnosed her with both ALS and Myasthenia Gravis. She didn’t believe the diagnosis. Why would she be saved five year previously only to die of ALS? She went to a second doctor who confirmed her diagnosis.    

To be absolutely sure of her diagnosis she traveled to a neurologist in Salt Lake City who had experience with ALS and had a third confirmation of her ALS diagnosis. The neurologist told her she might live until Thanksgiving, only five months away.

Hoping for a miracle she tried to find someone who had any kind of treatment that might work. Through her doctor in Las Vegas Nevada she learned of a homeopathic treatment from Germany that had apparently worked for some ALS patients in Germany. She agreed to try it and traveled 900 miles round trip once a week to get the treatments—injections which mixed her blood with the homeopathic remedy. She was also told to eat only whole foods and not consume meat products during the treatment period.

After 10 weeks of homeopathic treatments and 9000 miles of driving she still continued to get worse. Walking was extremely difficult, she could no longer eat in public and regularly choked on her food. People were having so much trouble understanding her speech that she looked for a voice board to communicate.

After 10 weeks of treatments Joyce’s doctor went on vacation for a week. She got so much worse the week with no treatment that she convinced the doctor to continue treatments when he returned.

All of this time Joyce continued to pray. She had a near death experience several years before her ALS diagnosis and had felt close to God since that time.

Joyce also knew that thoughts affected the body and so did not want to think anything that might affect her body in a negative way. She recited positive phrases out loud over and over again throughout each day to keep her mind positive. In addition, each night Joyce put on headphones during sleep listening to “sleep teaching”–her recorded voice repeatedly saying positive statements.

Joyce also decided to no longer attend ALS support groups during her treatment because they focused on how much everyone was deteriorating and what to expect with physical decline, instead of on what one could do to slow, stop or reverse the ALS progression. She did not want any negative thoughts entering her mind.

Joyce also saw a spiritual counselor and realized that in case she died she needed to forgive everyone in her life she felt had wronged her, including herself. She also asked God to bless her life. Looking back on this, Joyce feels forgiving herself and others was a key part to her healing.

Joyce continued to pray to heal, although she prepared in case God had other plans for her. She continued her weekly homeopathic injection treatments.

About a week after her 16th homeopathic treatment, while praying, Joyce felt a shift. She
described it felt like grey smoke lifting off of her. From that moment she felt different and when her husband came home that day he said she looked different. She no longer felt like she was choking.

In the coming weeks Joyce’s muscle wasting stopped progressing. Her doctor tested her and said her ALS was gone. She continued to gain strength over the next few months, although her muscle mass never completely returned. After more time, Joyce’s voice finally recovered completely.

Today Joyce is almost 87 years old, lives on her own and stays active. She has had life challenges and other health problems including two bouts with macular degeneration which have affected her vision but her ALS symptoms have never returned in the past 32 years.

Joyce is founder and president of Stress and Greif Relief, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization—, where she administers a suicide prevention lifeline (800-734-3439).

Joyce’s favorite saying is “Believe in Miracles, Expect Miracles and BE a Miracle for someone else.”

Joyce’s website is

To purchase her ALS Victory Package which includes her positive affirmations CD go to

Joyce’s phone number for PALS ONLY please text to arrange a time to speak with Joyce: 1-702-677-1455.

To purchase her ebook Near Death Survivor Conquers ALS go to

Joyce’s book in which she describes her near death experience before she was diagnosed with ALS is called God’s Heavenly Answers by Joyce Brown, available on Amazon.










Coco Newton ALS Chapter in Functional Medicine Textbook

Here is the link to purchase the ALS chapter of the new Integrative and Functional Medical Nutritional Therapy textbook by Springer. The text book is available on ebook and pdf, hard copies are delayed due to the coronavirus. The ALS chapter can be purchased individually for $29.95 by scrolling down on this link. 

The ALS Chapter, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS): The Application of Integrative and Functional Medial Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) is a very thorough examination of many, many aspects of ALS. It is written for medical professionals, yet it is something most PALS truly interested in healing holistically will want to keep around to read a bit at a time. You may not understand much of it on the first pass, but as you get more and more educated you will appreciate the science behind metabolism, inflammation, gut function, and oxidative stress for ALS patients and much more.
The chapter explains different diets and how they are metabolized. It talks about which fats will metabolize best for ALS patients, and natural detoxifiers you can include in your diet. The explanation of various supplements and why PALS may want to consider them is wonderful. Below are the topics covered:
There are gems in the chapter that most PALS will find useful in their healing journey. It is not to be read nor understood in one sitting for the non-scientific. Yet healing from ALS is a process and the chapter will give you ideas on how you can improve your protocol. Protocols such as the Deanna protocol are discussed as are things we may not have considered for ALS such as hyper-metabolism.  We would not be surprised if you find yourself referring back to this ALS chapter again and again and learning a bit more each time. The chapter is also a great reference to share with your doctor or nutritionist. Here is a sample page:
If you are not a medical professional, $169 for the entire textbook may not be worth it to you, but in our opinion the $29.95 for the ALS chapter in digital form seems wise. Since it comes in PDF form, you can print a copy for family members and to discuss with your doctor.
About the author
Coco Newton, MPH, RD, CNS is a Registered Dietician and Certified Nutrition Specialist. She was also a member of the Michigan nutrition advisory panel. Although Coco began her career in conventional dietetics and public health nutrition, she soon realized that the chronic and complex issues of her patients needed more than her basic background. She pursued advanced training in Functional Medicine Nutrition Therapy (FMNT). By incorporating extensive diagnostic assessments and tools, she has created her new standard of care. Her passion is to see the health of people transform from hopeless to getting better.

We met Coco in 2013 when we interviewed Dr. Craig Oster, now a 26-year ALS Survivor. She is Dr. Craig’s nutritionist. We had interviewed some excellent functional Medical Doctors and Naturopaths around the country who had assisted PALS in reversing ALS. During our interview we were impressed with Coco’s depth of knowledge. It was clear she could hold her own with the best of them.  Coco’s website is

Coco’s mission is to educate pALS, nutritionists and other healthcare providers to incorporate nutritional strategies to address the systemic imbalances in ALS. Coco was a featured speaker at the 2019 Healing ALS Conference. Those who attended the conference will appreciate her level of knowledge and expertise on ALS as well as her ability to explain concepts. Note that Coco has received no compensation for her work. She has donated her chapter.

More details on the textbook

Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices is published by Springer. This textbook is for health care professionals, with peer-reviewed research backing up every sentence. It can be used by medical students in functional medicine programs.

From the publisher,Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices will serve as an invaluable guide for healthcare professionals in their clinical application of nutrition, lifestyle assessment, and intervention for each unique, individual patient.”

This textbook is a practical guide to the application of the philosophy and principles of Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) in the practice of medicine, and the key role nutrition plays in restoring and maintaining wellness. The textbook provides an overview of recent reviews and studies of physiological and biochemical contributions to IFMNT and address nutritional influences in human heath overall, including poor nutrition, genomics, environmental toxicant exposures, fractured human interactions, limited physical movement, stress, sleep deprivation, and other lifestyle factors. Ultimately, this textbook serves to help practitioners, healthcare systems, and policy makers better understand this different and novel approach to complex chronic disorders. It provides the reader with real world examples of applications of the underlying principles and practices of integrative/functional nutrition therapies and presents the most up-to-date intervention strategies and clinical tools to help the reader keep abreast of developments in this emerging specialty field. Many chapters include comprehensive coverage of the topic and clinical applications with supplementary learning features such as case studies, take-home messages, patient and practitioner handouts, algorithms, and suggested readings.