ALS and Stress

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Healing ALS Project and Live Event

Healing ALS Project Update and Invitation to Healing ALS Live Event

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October 18-20, 2019
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
ALL PALS who are truly interested in Healing ALS holistically are invited to attend along with support team members: family, friends and caregivers. This event will be wheelchair accessible. For more details on the upcoming Live Healing ALS event, read all the way to the bottom of this blog. —

Healing ALS Project Update. We have been working on the Healing ALS book and documentary (now docuseries) while working full time at other jobs most of the time so it has been a slow process. Recently, because of two amazing donors, we are getting close! As long as we get the remainder of our funding we can publish both the Healing ALS book and docuseries in 2019. Please help make this possible by clicking the Donate button at right.

For PALS: You have, today, all the tools you need to heal ALS. If you have been diagnosed with ALS, you do not need the book and docuseries to heal. There is enough information on the Healing ALS website now, today, enabling you to heal ALS, when combined with your own research, with consultation from holistic professionals and daily application of what you have learned.

The basic principles are in the “Where do I start?” document (click green For PALS/FALS button at right). Once you have read all the links under the video on the home page, all the blogs, all the articles in the members section, read Eric Edney’s book Eric is Winning, consult and, done research on your own and consult with holistic practitioners in your area you will have what you need to heal physically.

The principles are what every holistic medical practitioner knows and Eric Edney said almost 20 years ago in the first edition of his book: 1) nutrition and supplements, 2) eliminate toxins and detoxification and 3) positive mental attitude.

It is not easy to heal ALS. If it were easy everyone would do it, and we would be having tens of thousands of ALS reversals instead of hundreds. We believe we can have those tens of thousands as more PALS believe it is possible and do the work that is required.

It takes work, determination and persistence to change your diet and lifestyle, find a functional medical expert to assist you, and do your own research to decide which supplements, diet and detoxification methods make sense to you.

It takes work, determination and persistence to change your mental attitude so that physical healing can occur. You have to listen to your body and learn intuition. For example, if you take something your holistic professional suggests and you know instinctively it is not good for your body, then you need to have the courage to stop and work with your practitioner to find an alternative. If he or she is not willing to work with you, it takes determination and courage to find another holistic practitioner.

Mental attitude. In our experience, observing the devastating effects of ALS on PALS over the last eight years, the biggest roadblock to healing ALS is mental attitude. For insights on how to overcome this roadblock please go to the bottom of this blog post and read about our upcoming Healing ALS Live Event. Also, please:

  • re-read Evy McDonald’s link on the home page of and also read the blogs about the other people, read the blogs about those below and check out the 2019 live event link at the bottom of this blog.
  • Evy McDonald healed by changing her thoughts. She did not make significant changes to her diet, although she did have her amalgam dental fillings removed safely and ate wholesome meals prepared from scratch at home.
  • Donald Jeager and Wendy McClean healed through prayer, in other words, by changing their thoughts. Wendy also had her amalgams removed.
  • Charles Goodman was a strong young man in college, changed the direction of his life towards ministry to serve God and he healed. In other words, he changed his thoughts.
  • Zhiyuan Wang started using a meditation practice called Falun Dafa and his ALS slowly healed. In other words, he changed his thoughts.
  • Ben Johnson started doing the Healing Codes, i.e. he changed his thinking.

All of the above people have completely healed from ALS using thoughts and prayers alone. The other PALS who have healed both changed their thoughts and added things to physically heal.

Kim and Kay Cherry say “Pray like everything depends on God, work as if everything depends on you.”

Remember changing your thoughts goes hand in hand with changing your emotions. If most of the time you are experiencing positive thoughts and emotions, your body can heal. If you are experiencing negative emotions a significant amount of time your body cannot heal. This is scientifically proven fact. The cellular energy system simply does not work under stress or negative emotions.

  • Between a quarter and a third of all PALS who have successfully reversed ALS have done so through thought alone.
  • In one hundred percent of PALS who have successfully reversed ALS, changing thoughts and emotions played a major role.

There are a staggering number of peer-reviewed scientific research confirming the importance of thoughts and emotions in healing. Yet doctors, even functional/holistic doctors largely dismiss it and focus on the physical.

How do you change your thoughts and emotions to positive ones so the body can heal? There are many methods in addition to those used by the PALS above. To help PALS more recently diagnosed to attend to our first Healing ALS Live Event(s), in 2019.

September – October (to be announced), 2019 Salt Lake City, Utah, USAOur very first Healing ALS Live Event. ALL PALS who are truly interested in Healing ALS holistically are invited to attend along with support team members: family, friends and caregivers. This event will be wheelchair accessible.

  • Network with other like-minded PALS who are determined to heal holistically
  • Meet some Healed/Healing PALS
  • Presentations by Healed/Healing PALS
  • Presentations by Medical Professionals

For more details about the 2019 Healing ALS Live Event, please click here or go to You must be a Healing ALS member to read this document (membership is free).