When will the Healing ALS documentary film be complete?

Question: You have been working on the documentary film, Healing ALS, for years now. When will it be complete?

Answer: Once we get the full amount of funding we need, we can finish both the book and the docuseries within six months. In the meatime we move forward as we receive donations or earn funds from other sources. We appreciate even small donations. For details, please click the Donate button top right. 

In the meantime, if you are a PALS or FALS: Please look thoroughly through this site, HealingALS.org. There is much here that will assist you today, while you are waiting for the book and docuseries (see details below) to be published.

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Our donors are the reason that the valuable healing information on this site is available for those diagnosed with ALS and their families.

August 2018 Update Note: PALS = People diagnosed with ALS

The documentary film will now be a nine-part documentary series. This is great news for those diagnosed with ALS and their families.

  • A nine-part documentary series will allow us to go into much more depth of exactly what steps people have used to heal ALS.
  • The nine-part docuseries will be available online for PALS worldwide (For those in the U.S. and Canada, it will also be available on DVD).

We are currently editing and making good progress, although we still need shooting and travel funds for the remaining interviews, more editing funds, transcriptions for upcoming interviews.

We are also working hard preparing the book Healing ALS for publication.

  • This will contain detailed information in book form of how each PALS featured in the documentary healed.
  • This will be extremely informative and provide an additional level of detail for PALS who want to heal holistically. 
  • We strongly feel that people’s ability to slow, stop and reverse ALS will be maximized through a combination of 1) video in documentary series and 2) the details in book form.

HealingALS Website:

We are making continual improvements to the HealingALS.org website.

  • We have added a number of articles in the Members’ area and we continue to add great information each month in our ALS Blog.
  • We will be beginning PALS Support Q&A Webinars in October or Novermber 2018
  • We have made a number of other improvements to the website, improving navigation.

July 2016 Update

This month, July 2016, we flew to New York then rented a car and traveled to North Carolina, back to NY and up to Boston. Here are some of the things we accomplished during the trip:

  • Filmed three ALS reversal interviews for the documentary film and YouTube:
    • Nelda Buss diagnosed with ALS 1985
    • Mike McDuff diagnosed with ALS 2012 
    • Dr. Wang Zhiyuan diagnosed with ALS 1983.
  • Got another chapter in for our book, Healing ALS.
  • Interviewed two doctors we for the Healing ALS film
    • Dr. Richard Bedlack, neurologist Head of ALS clinic Duke university, documenting ALS reversals
    • Dr. Savely Yurkovsky, MD, homeopath, helped one of the PALS in our film heal
  • Spent 3 days at Reversing Alzheimer’s conference with Drs, Permutter, Hyman, and Bredesen as co-presenters, as well as SharpAgain.org
  • Met with Steve Saling and toured the Saling ALS residence in Chelsea, MA
  • Met with 2 PALS Erika and Kathy, who are working on holistic methods to reverse ALS symptoms.
  • Met with Linda Paulhus, whose son passed away from ALS who has been collecting material on holistic healing of ALS.
  • Met our HealingALS webmaster, Marea Adjewon from TurnKeyBlogTeam in person, who is helping us create a PALS support website
  • Had coffee with one of our volunteer transcriptionists. We have had several volunteers to transcribe a few of our interviews, which is moving us forward in the editing process of the Healing ALS documentary film together.

So to answer “When will the Healing ALS documentary film be complete?” With no funding, doing bits and pieces at a time as we earn enough, it could take years. With full funding six to eight months. Thank you for all who have donated so far. We would not have been able to get here without you.